Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hello Everyone

It is Saturday morning here in Johannesburg and we have an exciting weekend with the rugby this afternoon for those that are fans. Go Bokke! That is as far as it goes for me. :)

I have the new case file from CSI today and here it is.

I used the sketch from the latest Scrap Africa.

Really soft and pretty and muted this week and I loved it. Here is my take on it.

Here is how I solved the case...

Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - Gems, bookpages,cabochon flowers, hearts, dangle something, ribbon,charm, lace.
Testimony - Never list.
My Jounalling (on the pink tag) says...
I have never...

Drunk coffee, I don’t even like the smell of it, and I am the only one in my family that doesn’t like it.
Had cosmetic surgery of any kind, nor will I ever have, I have learned to love who I am and I am happy to age gracefully.
Had a tattoo, although I would really love to have one but I am allergic to the pigment in the ink.
Gone bungee jumping, and I never will because I am afraid of what it does to your brain.
Played a musical instrument, although I would love to play the sax or the piano.
Been to jail :) and that’s gotta count for something :)
Turned down a frozen margarita, since I had the first one... just one sip and you are hooked.
Liked snakes, I am terrified of them, truly terrified that I can’t even look at pictures of them.
Been divorced, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon.
Had a sister, and I have always wanted one – I do have a SIL who is also my best friend and we chose each other.
Enjoyed cooking, my dream would be to have a chef who completely took care of the kitchen area.
Lived alone, I left school and moved into a house that I shared with other and then I got married. I am not sure I would know how to live alone either.
Been published in an overseas magazine, I really want that too and so it is maybe time to remedy that.
Been able to dance, I have three left feet... but inside my head I have the moves down pat... Move over Michael Jackson – Valerie is in the house.
Gotten over my mother’s death, somehow I feel that I should have been able to do something.
Had any faith in myself. I am still working on that.
Hitch hiked, I always was and would still be too scared.

I have never...

Here are some close-ups

I used the little square stencil with gesso and a pale pink mist and also just spread gesso... I looks very yellow here on the photo but on the layout it is white... go figure. I stamped the Royal Windsor stamp with black ink and also added some dry wall tape, man I love that stuff. The lace is a sticky backed lace and I used a border punch for the scalloped border I used  book paper and created tags with the pediment die cuts so my journalling could go under the photo.

Here I created a little cluster of flowers, hat pins and a little heart charm tied with ribbon, I swiped the whole lot with gesso.

I used the same border punch to create a little detail at the top of the page. The title and chippie circles were painted black and I added some jewels to the circle and added a flower the butterfly and some gauze.

I really enjoyed this case file it was a lot of fun to do. Thanks for stopping by to take a look and I love reading the comments that you leave. You know who you are :D thank you. 



  1. what a delightful page Val, love the way you have opened your heart and let us in to learn a little about you ... such a clever idea for your journaling and so interesting .... brilliant page and you are so beautiful x

  2. Oh Val...I think you can give me a blank long as you did some journalling on it!!! I tend to have a quick look at your page...then read your journalling, then go back to the photo and page bringing the words and images together! And it always leaves me with either a tear or a chuckle and thinking...that could have been me in some way as well! Love your way with words my friend...thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. It looks like you enjoyed it, too....& great list. I wouldn't know where to start....& I find myself replying to you, when I read your list. Weird, huh???!!!! Good luck with the OS publishing. I've achieved that - my next ' goal' is a cover page on a mag. No harm in aiming high, huh???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fabulous page Val!!! A gorgeous photo and your journalling is magic as always, you have such a wonderful way with words. Love it!! ox

  5. What a lovely page! I like your list, too, as everyone else has already mentioned.

  6. Such a pretty page Val! Yes Go Bokke! Is as far as it goes for me too :)

  7. Love Val :) Your never list is quite poignant. I hope some of your nevers become dones :) Not the bungee jumping though ;)


  8. Beautiful page say you can't dance, yet you look like you could go boot scooting in that gorgeous skirt teamed with the boots. I share your decision to never going Bungy jumping after watching some tourists leaping off the bridge over the Zambezi....made my hips ache just watching them...wonderful page :)

  9. This is just amazing, Val...I love the layout, I love the photo, I love the journaling! And what a cool theme! I promise to "borrow" it from you for my granddaughter's album. I will be 70 in January, and my daughter and I plan to get the same (as yet undecided) tattoo to celebrate, so I will be one up on you at that time! Now, my friend, you need to start submitting art to publications in the U.S. Look out, America, Val is coming our way!!

  10. wow stunning page Val you are tots my kinda gal! 'Val's in da house' lol I Love ya xo

  11. Gorgeous page, Val! And your list had me chucking at some parts, and nodding along at others. If you put me together with those margaritas I'm suddenly a world class dancer, too. Hahaha!

  12. This is so pretty and love your journaling!

  13. Oooh how I love reading your journalling and all the comments! You and I would make the whole dance floor stop dead with our moves, me thinks I've got like 4 of the lefties and none of the righties but man as you're saying, in my head I have the best choreography ever :)) This palette just sings to me, beeeeautiful colours and you have scrapped them deliciously!! xoxoxo

  14. Gorgeous page Val! Like I said over at "never have" to doubt your ability or there is certainly an abundance of this!!!! Beautiful page, so open and honest! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Scrap Africa! ;-)

  15. Oh my goodness. What a stunning page missy!!! I just love your work. I absolutely adore this pic of yours and love the layers!!!Thanks for playing with us at Scrap Africa!!!

  16. Love this Val, I have done a couple of your "nevers" but like you I don't drink coffee, been to jail or had plastic surgery. They will stay on my never list too!
    Love the soft gentle feel to your layout and that photo is adorable Tx

  17. Wow...what a stunning combination...CSI and Scrap Africa. Beautiful, beautiful layout and I love your honest Journalling. Glad you are now part of the Scrap Africa DT.

  18. I love the stark black on this layout in contrast with the pale softer colors. Not something I would ever think of. Again....that journaling! I find myself skimming past your page pictures to read your journaling, LOL. I do always go back and give a closer look to the fabulous creations that accompany your journaling. What do you think bungee jumping does to your brain? LOL! Fabulous.

  19. Val, thank you for submitting this gorgeous layout to the Challenge at Scrap Africa ... and thank you for sharing :-D

  20. Oh wow, what a fabby creation!! So nice to visit your blog and see your talent!! Thanks so much for playing along with us at SCRAP AFRICA, we are so glad you did. Smiles, Rene' :)

  21. The soft colour palette is just divine! Gorgeous! Thanks for playing at Scrap Africa :).

  22. Beautiful work Val! I love the soft colours. :)
    It's great to have you on the team with us. Am looking forward to 'work' with you. M :)