Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hello Everyone

Today I have a couple of cards for you but more on that in a bit. First I want to tell you about a couple of DT calls that are going out.

The first one  is for OUAS so go on over and take a look at the blog see if it a good fit for you and try your luck...they are a fabulous no nonsense, no drama, super talented bunch of artists, and they are looking for fresh blood :D

Here is the second one.

This one is for CSI another wonderful, talented DT. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing and talented people on both of these sites and I can highly recommend them.

Now as most of you know Saturday was World Cardmaking Day and over at Let's Scrap they decided to a card load for the month of October. A great time to knuckle down and get some Christmas cards made (or not :))

Here is the first card that I made.

 The first one is very pretty spring colours and black. I used a doily and a couple of chippie scalloped circles and added some flowers.

The second one is less girly and more muted colours. I added a saying and the butterflies and some flowers too. I have another one but I can't show you yet. Only at the end of the month :D

I do have one other thing to share with you we have Egyptian Geese in the complex next door... they have a dam in there  and these geese love our complex for some reason or the other. Anyway they have  been hanging around my house looking for somewhere to have their babies and these dam things sit on the wall and taunt my dogs who go bananas... I think they really liked my garden with the shade and the pool but they really wanted me to get rid of the dogs... Like that was going to happen. 

Anyway look what I saw this afternoon...

Daddy, mommy and five little babies. Last year they had five or six babies and only one survived... breaks my heart to think that they will die.... :( but I did enjoy seeing them walking down past my house.

Have a great week and I will be back soon.


  1. Look at that sweet little family :) Love you cards, butterflies are one of my favorite embellies!

    I'm excited about OUAS!! I'm still getting my feet wet with CSI, but I really like it their.


  2. get rid of the dogs...ja sure!!! Silly Geese! But they sure are pretty and those little babies are soooo cute! Thanks for the photos girl...and loving your cards and their styling a lot!

  3. The geese are cute...we have ducks here. Everywhere. They stick their noses in the air & ignore dogs!!!! LOOOVE your fave is the 2nd one with the partial to butterflies :):):):)

  4. Two gorgeous cards's such a special thing to receive one handmade with love. Your photo of the little ducklings is precious....they are cheeky to expect the dogs to move over and make room for them!

  5. Love those cards Val ... they are so gorgeous, especially the butterfly one. Love those geese too, but adorable as they are, I wouldn't get rid of my dogs for them either!! Love it!! oxox

  6. Love your cards Val! And those geese are gorgeous...I hope none of them die...

  7. Two gorgeous cards, Val, but that photo of the Egyptian geese stole my heart! Also, two great DT calls, but I am waiting for news of one now for which I have applied. At my age, two would just be one too many! Thanks for sharing these calls!

  8. There's something about butterflies that talks to me too! love your pretty cards! We had a family of ducks near our office the passed summer, and everyone checked in on the babies' progress. One day they were just gone and everyone missed them, but not the mess that they left behind ... xoxoxoxo

  9. Such pretty cards Val! I loved my year with Once Upon a Sketch - it was such fun being part of Nadia's inaugural team and being so hugely involved behind the scenes, watching it grow in success. She is such a talented sketch artist, something I'd love to learn one day. I've played around and made a dozen or so but it's never really grabbed me...And Debbi and I go way back to CCG days where we all had a huge amount of fun before it collapsed. It's wonderful that she has provided such a great resource with CSI. Anyway, enough reminiscing...just had a little walk down memory lane there!!

  10. Beautiful cards Val...I especially love the 2nd one, which is just soooo beautiful! Gorgeous photo's of the duckies too....