Saturday, 7 December 2013


Hello Everyone...
I have the new case file for you from CSI

Here is my take on it.
 Given the fact that South Africa has just lost a man that every single person here looked up to, admired and respected I felt it was only fitting to honour his memory with a layout.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence - Numbers, silver accents, dangle something (little angel)something shiny (bling)
Testimony - December Prompt. (Today I feel...)
The quote on the front of the layout says...

I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter, I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.

The journalling (on the back of the layout) says...

Today, Madiba, your long walk ended. South Africa and the rest of the world lost a great leader and a great man, and we all mourn as one. A man who stood for peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. A man who will be missed by many. He led by example and he had a vision for this beautiful, rugged country that we call South Africa.
A dream that we could all live together, side by side in a free, prosperous and democratic South Africa. Free from hatred and prejudice.
A dream of justice and equality, safety and security and a triumph of human rights over racism.
A dream of economic prosperity where everyone has the opportunity to advance the quality of their lives.
A dream he fought hard to realise.

Here are some close ups.

I used some Adirondack mists on the background and typed the quote directly onto the layout. The butterflies are Martha Stewart punches.

I decided to keep it real simple and added some torn tape washi tape to the sides and a couple of small banners. The little angel is hanging from under the flower.

A couple more flowers and some rub-on bling finish the layout.

Thanks for taking a look. I love the visits. Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm if it is cold.



  1. Wow, you have honoured his memory beautifully, Val....a gorgeous layout with exceptional journaling. He really was a remarkable man who accomplished so much in what he believed in...although at a price, he never faltered or gave up. May he RIP...

  2. This is sooooo beautiful Val! I read his book Long Walk to Freedom a few years ago and was in total awe of this man. He was on the top of my list of "people to sit down to dinner with" for a long time. You've done a wonderful job on this and it's one of my fave quotes of the great man :)

  3. This is sooooo beautiful Val! I read his book Long Walk to Freedom a few years ago and was in total awe of this man. He was on the top of my list of "people to sit down to dinner with" for a long time. You've done a wonderful job on this and it's one of my fave quotes of the great man :)

  4. This layout is awesome Val and a great tribute to an amazing man who suffered so his nation could survive and rise up ... one of the world's great Statesmen... RIP Madiba - you fought the good fight,
    did your very best, triumphed over your fears and laid them all to rest. You have deserved your place in Heaven

  5. This is so beautiful Val, a wonderful tribute to a amazing man

  6. You brought tears to my eyey, Val. Your page is stunning, and a gorgeous tribute to this wonderful man. your journaling is so heartfelt. my heart goes for you, and I wish you will all find the way to fulfill his dream. hugs xoxo

  7. Fabulous! Wonderful memorial to a truly great man.....very the design of this one & that's a perfect photo for your page, too:):):)

  8. Beautiful tribute to an amazing man from who we all can learn! Beautiful page to honor him and his memory with!

  9. Ah along with South Africa and indeed the rest of the world, have been touched by the grace, humility and wisdom of this once in a lifetime leader. Your clean page with the photo and words of Mandela are mesmerising...I like the misting with green and the tiny Angel...your moving words are so worthy of this truly remarkable man. :)

  10. This is truly Beautiful Val, I thought of doing one myself on him. Just love the colours used

  11. Beautiful tribute to a great man. We can all learn what true forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love is from him.

  12. Such a wonderful tribute and photo.. love the journalling, and yes a light has gone out with the loss of Nelson Mandela.. love that the page is simplistic but yet so impacting...

  13. Beautiful Val ....... You made me cry !!!!!
    I love the simplicity of the layout ....... yet it conveys so much :-)

  14. This is such a wonderful artistic tribute to a great international leader, and I will miss him, too! He and Abe Lincoln would have made wonderful friends!

  15. A stunning tribute to a great man!!! Love how you made him the focus of the page and I also love the quote you used ... so emotive!! Beautifully done Val ... May he rest in peace. ox

  16. This is an amazing layout - beautiful design and powerful journaling. Absolutely love it!

  17. did such a great job with this page Val and the journalling is just fabulous! You really created this soft page, with so much care and love and it is indeed very sad that such a great man has passed on! My dream for today is that we will carry on this legacy of love and forgiveness and really love each other and card for our fellow man! May Madiba's energy and heart, touch each one of us!

  18. This is such a wonderful tribute to such a great man and just love that quote!

  19. What a special and beautiful layout Val!