Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hello Everyone

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after the silly season and today I have the new case file from CSI. I have to say that this weeks palette was a bit of a challenge for me and there is such amazing inspiration from the DT over there so take a look and play along with us.

This weeks case file comes with another sketch from Em Starface.

Here is my layout.

Here is how I solved the case...
Scheme - the colours are all there (even the green - a tiny little brad)
Evidence - Stars, circles, stitching, book page (button)
Testimony - Write a 'How to' guide.

The journalling on the back of my layout says:

How to make my boy happy...
1 Make my blog even more awesome by including more pages on him - check.
2 Allow him to come out on top with the banter on Facebook - check.
3 Make sure to give him credit for photos taken by him that I use or post - check
4 Make sure to phone him occasionally just to say hello and not to ask for something - I am still working on this one.
5 Make sure that I sit next to him while watching movies. He gives the best foot rub ever. - Oh wait that makes me happy. And when the mommy is happy EVERYONE is happy :) win-win
6 Find some awesome markets to visit on Sundays - hmmm he does that too... Thank you my boy.
7 Love his fiance like he does - check - Big win for the mommy ;) Makes my boy VERY happy.
8 Find something to do together that is just so the two of you can spend time together alone - We have photography and we love it and it makes both of us happy - win-win.
9 Take his side in all family disputes no matter what the topic - Check.
10 Just love my boy - Check.
 He is one happy boy. He makes me laugh. He makes me proud. He makes me mad. He is thoughtful. He is kind. He is generous. He is considerate. He has the best sense of humour. He is intelligent and above all he has a good EQ which makes everyone love him too.
Perhaps this should have said how to make your mom happy. I love you to the moon and back Clinton Thorpe Charles :P

Here are some close-ups.

I used washi tape up the sides of the layout and the quote was stamped onto cardstock. I found the stars in my stash and covered the mustard one in washi tape and the blue one in cardstock.

I added the brads and a couple of splats and one tiny green brad to bring in that colour.

The title is stickers and chipboard painted black. I added some gesso and distress stain runs. I think this is probably the first layout I have ever done that doesn't have flowers on it. I only had the two stars in my stash too. I am going to have to rectify that quick.

Thanks for popping in to take a look.



  1. Love it... Even if you found it difficult --- & yup! Deffo need more stars :):) And go you, with no flowers, you're talking GF!!!!!!! The washi looks magical running down the sides, too:):)

  2. Oh, Val! your page and especially your journaling is a beautiful love letter to your son (even when you shared how to make YOU happy LOL). He sure looks like a very loved boy, and when I think of his photo with his fiance, and how much love he shows to her, I can see where he got the present of loving and caring :).
    I just love your 'boyish' page. The stars are awesome! if you need more stars, just let me know... I'd be happy to mail you in different sizes & from different materials :).

    1. Thank you Libeeti.... and I would love some stars... will send you my mail add to your FB inbox... You are the best....

  3. A wonderful page about your son Val. I like the photos of the photographer...your interpretation of the challenge is right on the you said "not a flower in sight" But you know me, it's the lyrical words which are the cherry on top. The thing which brings your love for your son to life, shining like a beacon for all the world to see. Lucky Man and lucky Mumma :D :D :D

  4. utterly brilliant Val and loving the pics too .. hugz x

  5. Think my post just disappeared? Apologies if I'm repeating

    You would never know that you found this challenging, Val....I think it's brilliant!
    Perfect balance of colour & embellies and superb journaling....just love it!

  6. Boys are so wonderful :) and it seems you have a very special relationship with yours :) Your lo came beautiful. Going out of the comfort zone can be fun sometimes :)


  7. Stunning masculine page and your journalling made me laugh out load. I am sure that you and I have something powerful in common and that is a total passion for our children and (your soon arriving) grandchildren. xx

  8. love this Val... your journalling is perfect .. my fave bit I think is your one green brad (said with tongue in cheek) LOL!!! you rock !!!! xx hugz

  9. Fabulous Val! Love that "little pop of green". I just love your journaling, it is so poignant and heartfelt. I love seeing into your life a little bit. Fabulous photos as well. Hugs!

  10. Wow!!! A stunning piece of work Val, would never have thought you found it a challenge. Fabulous photos and as always I love your journaling ... some great ways to make a Mum and her Boy happy!! Absolutely love this page!! ox

  11. Wonderful journaling val, such a lovely LO of your son!! Just fab, have a good sunday.

  12. Everyone talks about the bond between a mother and daughter, and, I agree, it exists, but....the bond between a mother and her son is equally strong, just perhaps not as evident to the rest of the world! This piece is a tribute to that love and admiration. Well played, my friend. Well played! Mwah!

  13. Love your page.....beautifully balanced! Love your journaling too....put a smile on my face. You obviously have a fantastic relationship with your son!

  14. Love this page Val and love the stars and the photo's of your boy! You are certainly his biggest fan and I am sure he is of you too! I can imagine that a new chapter in your lives is about to begin and with that certainly comes change....but I know that it will mean strengthened bonds, a reminder of that unconditional love and "being a fan, come what may"! xx

  15. Such a wonderful and happy page! I love the photos and the memory behind your amazing layout, too!

  16. Love this mom! Your blog is already more awesome because of this lay out! :)

  17. What special and lovely journaling and what a sweet boy he clearly is! Judging from the comment above :)))))))