Saturday, 29 March 2014


Hello Everyone

I have another CSI case file for you today, this one was such fun too. You can see all the other DT's work HERE, I seriously love everyone's  interpretation of these challenges :D

Here is the case file

And... here is my layout.

I opted for a CAS layout this week... man this is what I am most comfortable with :)

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - The colour are all there.
Evidence - Music elements, monogram, metal, use electricity to create your page (lights, computer and slice machine), circles (brads).
Testimony - Inspo words - think, process, idea.

The quote on the front of the layout says:
The journey awakens the soul.

My journalling on the back of the layout says:
I don't think I will ever forget the first time I ever heard Amy Winehouse sing. I was getting dressed one morning and the TV was on a music channel and there was a documentary on this new star that had come out of the UK. The minute I heard her sing I stopped dead in my tracks and sat on the end of the bed and sat glued to the telly until the end of the show. I was hooked. Every song she sang I felt like another little piece of me was being ripped out and shredded, laid bare for the world to see. Every single one of her songs is filled with a desperate sadness that only comes from experience and yet is accompanied by the sweetest music - a complete contradiction like two sides of the same coin. She had so much going for her and yet she gave in to her addictions and because of that the world lost an amazing artist. I was absolutely gutted when I heard she had died, I felt like a part of me had gone with her. It was on my bucket list to see her live and I never got to do that, and it still makes me sad.
I watched another documentary on her the year before last and the documentary was actually on a priest at a tiny little white church in Dingle in Ireland called St James's. This little church holds around 80 people, and had been used for "Other Voices" concerts,  since about 2002  and has included the likes of Snow Patrol, Ryan Adams and  Sinead O'Connor and many more, those who can't fit into the church can watch these concerts on big screens in the pubs throughout Dingle, and had been going. She performed her best ever there in 2006  so on my last trip to Ireland I made a point of going to Dingle so that I could see where she had performed. I reckon that is a close as I am ever going to get to this wonderfully, talented but very tragic musician. 
I really wish things could have turned out different for her and I really wish I could have seen her perform but I am so grateful that I got to hear her at all and I truly hope that she has found peace at last.
RIP Amy Winehouse.
( I think I could have been an Amy Winehouse groupie :D)

Here are some close ups.

I used papers from My Minds Eye - So Sophie Collection (which looks a little lighter in the photo than it does IRL) - I used the monogram for her name, and the brads for the circles. I flicked some black ink onto the layout too.

I stamped the quote onto the layout and used some washi tape and rub-ons just because I could.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and thank you for all the comments and love that you leave. I really appreciate it <3



  1. Well played, Val! There is a vocalist who touches my very being in this same way! It is powerful and intense. I know that you will miss her, but...the band plays on (thank goodness)!

  2. Fabulous page Val!! I was never really into Amy Whitehouse but it was very sad that she died so young. This page and your journaling is a lovely tribute to her. Beautifully done!! ox

  3. It seems that gifted artists are often plagued with addictions and depression. It makes me wonder if their art is generated from that dark place or as a result of all the publicity. Your page plays tribute to her talent and I'm sorry you didn't get to see her live. Love that you kept the page C&S to allow your words to shine :D

  4. Powerful layout! Even though the colors are candy-like pastels the feelings and expressions are strong.

  5. Absolutely fabulous! Bold and very cool! I love this! <3

  6. Totally love this page Val, it's kind of pretty and girly but with a dark, gritty edge to it - just like Amy herself, a really beautiful tribute to her. Funnily enough I was listening to her Back to Black album on my iPod at work today - I reckon I could listen to her sing the phone book!

  7. Well done with this layout of Amy Winehouse, the music stamps have that tattoo feel about them and she is so bold in the middle. I love listening to musicians like her or Adele or REM etc where they have their own distinctive style and don't sound like thousands of others

  8. Love this page and as Wendy said above...the notes etc do have a tattooish feel about them. That photo of Amy is amazing....and she was such an attractive girl. So sad that she could not find her happiness in this world...hopefully she has found it in the next, and is at peace and content!

  9. What a lovely tribute! I love her music too