Saturday, 1 March 2014


Hello Everyone

I am up hosting a tutorial over at Let's Scrap today and it's all about Mixed Media - You take pop over and take a look at it HERE.

I used this sketch, well the left hand page of the sketch and I flipped it and I did use a little artistic licence with the interpretation.

Here is the mixed media layout I created.

I have included some journalling on the back of the layout.

The quotes on the front and the title and the nature of the layout just seemed to all come together for me. I am by nature a CAS scrapbooker. I love clean lines, white space and linear designs so the whole concept of mixed media freaks me out a little. I have a hard time dealing with the fact that I have little control over the paints, inks and mists, even the gesso sometimes. The warping of the paper also freaks me out because I want my page to be all pristine and tidy. Funny I know but true. 
I love the look of mixed media layouts when I see them and I spend ages poring over them to get hints on how to achieve the same thing. I played a bit and I was appalled by what I was turning out. This was NEVER going to work for me. I don't like mess, I don't like dirty, inky, painty hands and if what was on the paper was not what was in my head into the bin it went. 
I really wanted to try it but within the scope of my own limitations or restrictions. Then I found the Pop and Colours site with some of my favourite mixed media scrapper doing workshops. This way I could watch the videos and then adapt it to my own style. I can't remember when I last had such fun and of course it is practice, practice, practice.
I think I am officially hooked. I also think that I am finally finding a way to incorporate this into my layout whilst still staying true to myself and my style and I am loving it.

Here are some close ups.

Lots of layers of strips of paper.

Lots of gesso.

Lots of stamping.

Lots of layers and flowers.

Some butterflies.

Thanks for stopping bye to take a look...




  1. Oh! Wow Val, this is so gorgeous - love the colours and your beautiful mixed media background - and it's still distinctively "you", brilliant! I've signed up for the Pop and Colour workshops to but haven't had time to look at them yet - now you've really inspired me to make time! :o)

    1. Annie you will not be sorry it is amazing and the best online workshop I have done.

  2. LOL...I ADORE the way you errr 'interpret' sketches...which is as it should be - a starting point for our own creativity!! And get your MM on, do it so well. If you'd never said, I'd have never realised...these colours just go so beautifully's been YEARS since i did a double. Might actually try this one. I LIKE the sketch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Val, this is the most neatest and well coordinated mixed media I have ever seen! I can still see your signature style even after you have driven a little further beyond your comfort CAS zone....awesome I am so looking forward to you next MM pages in near future. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tutorial at LS; I had a great tour.
    Hugs and smiles,

  4. But it is perfect :) I'm so happy you gave MM a try, and it sure looks "your" style. love the colors and the design. great job!

  5. That workshop must be great as you seem to be a natural at this . I love the colours of the layout and although there is lots happening I still think you have captured it in the orederly way you say you like. I think I need to investigate this workshop.

  6. So soft and pretty Val…looks like the classes have inspired you to get over your dislike of messy hands…or maybe you don't make a mess? gorgeous the water colour look and the cute's a winner for me :D

  7. I am really crushing on these colors! Love them, love your layout. You really are doing awesome with the spraying and layering.

    Paula <3

  8. this one Val! I loooove the mix of soft colours....the mixed media is looking fabulous and love that photo that you used too! You certainly make me smile when I read your journalling...because I can actually see your face and expressions as if you were saying it! You are certainly one of a kind girl....and a fabulous one at that!!!! xx

  9. Wow!!! This is such a gorgeous page Val. I love how you are creating your backgrounds now, they are absolutely stunning and still totally 'you'. I am seriously thinking of signing up for this workshop, everything I've seen so far which was inspired by it has been awesome. I really love this page!!! ox

  10. That's what it's all about - having fun and adapting things to one's own style! I don't like getting messy either, but I am anything but a CAS scrapper ha ha! love my layers and pretty papers too much! This is a truely gorgeous page Val, just adore what you have achieved here! xoxox