Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hello Everyone,

I have the new case file from CSI for you today. These challenges are so much fun and if you haven't played along before pop on over to the site and take a look there is so much eye candy there.

I also wanted to play along with Sketchabilities, I love their sketches and here is the latest one.

Here is my layout.

Here is how I solved the case.
Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - Hearts, lace, mesh, flowers, stamps, penwork and mixed media background.
Testimony - freewrite.

Along the top of the circle I have written:
Picture Perfect! I will never forget this moment.

My journalling on the back of the layout says:
Someone asked a question on another site recently and that got me thinking and the question was "what photos do you most regret not having?" for me that is that I have no photos of me pregnant with either of my kids, and that has always bothered me and the fact that I don't have lots of pics of my kids when they were in the hospital and also growing up. I do know that a lot of that stems from the fact that back then a camera was a luxury and printing photos was expensive so I took photos with great care and I have one or two from each birthday, school and holidays and that is it. Also I wasn't a scrapbooker back then so maybe it wasn't something I gave much thought to.
So... when I found out that Lin was pregnant I vowed that I would document their (Clint, Lin and the twins) journey to the best of my ability :) and I have... and for me one of the reasons for doing this is that in time to come moments like this one will be forgotten, well they will remember how wonderful it was when Spencer came home and the twins were together again but it will be just that... the day that they were reunited. Now when they see this pic they will remember just how special that moment was and how happy they were to have their family all together and that feeling will come flooding back.
When Spencer and Paige grow up they will also be able to look back through their albums to see the whole story and they will know just how special and how loved they are.

Here are some close ups.

The papers I used are Bazzill cardstock and papers from Theresa Collins.

I used my new Finnabair butterfly stencil with some gesso and while it was still wet I sprinkled it with some peach glitter and left it to dry overnight. Looks a bit yellow in this pic though :(

I did loads of stamping in peach and brown and added some flowers in all the colours to tie it all together. The title is Lush sticker alphabets.


The top is washi tape and also stickers from the co-ordinating sticker sheet.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and thank you all for the comments that you leave. I take great delight in reading each and every one of them.

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing.



  1. Just gorgeous Val! Very inspirational - not sure if I can pull this case file off this week. Don't even know where to start :/

  2. Really lovely, especially with that circle behind...LOOOVE your butterflies too & I sooo agree with your journaling:):)

  3. Beautiful, Val :)
    Love your journaling.....I too wish I had of captured more of my older children in their early years!
    Thank you for your stunning inspiration :)

  4. Totally gorgeous...great take on both challenges. Love your journaling, as always..straight from the heart. I am the same with photos when my kids were little....not that I never took any, but they were all so crappy! I guess there was no digital photography back then, so you couldn't just have a quick look if the pic looked ok & decide whether to get another shot...or like it is nowadays where I'll take a dozen shots of the one thing, because with digital it's no problem to do that. Love your butterfly stenciling - your stencil is different to mine, but still, we are on the same wavelength atm :) x

  5. Your page is very beautiful. I love how combined this challenge with the Sketchabilities sketch. Your journaling are always straight from the heart and always touches me. I too, regret that we have so few photos of our children growing up.

  6. Such a beautiful page - know you are enjoying those precious babies! You journaling as aways is exactly what Lynette said - straight from the heart!

  7. Double the sweetness, Val! Great sketch to which you added your little "Val" touches to make it so very personal. I love this one, especially!

  8. A beautiful page Val and I totally share your regret about lack of photos during pregnancy and the early years of our children's lives. But money was tight and sometimes a film was in the camera for several years before we sent it off to have the slides developed. The grandchildren though! will have their milestones marked with TLC. Your gift to the twins is superb. Love this sketch and your cluster of flowers :D

  9. Such a gorgeous layout Val....precious photos.... I love the sketch also........ I have to agree and share your regret also about the lack of photos of my children during their early childhood....I wasn't a scrap booker then either so just took photos on birthdays and school days etc... xx

  10. Love the butterflies...funny how photos change the colour of things. I struggle with that a lot. Great LO using the map.

  11. I agree val , I went through a video camera stage for a long time so have huge gaps in my photo collection. I have a feeling Paige and Spencer will have full media coverage.
    A Lovely layout of lovely subjects

  12. Very pretty. The butterflies are my favourite touch!!

  13. Gorgeous ! Love all, colours, flowers, butterflies, and the nice way you worked with the circle !!!
    Thanks for playing with us at Skectchabilities !

  14. Although I gave birth to my boys years after you did, I can totally relate to your feelings. I too have very few pregnant photos and as for my youngest - I have no photos from the hospital (I'm not sure if I forgot to put the camera in my bag or forgot to take it out... LOL). However, I did take lots of photos ever since (not knowing that one day I'll become a scrapbooker... ).
    You give the twins (and their parents) a very special gift, and I'm sure they will all cherish it for ever.
    I love the delicate design you did here, so true to the precious photos.
    Thank you for playing with us at Sketchabilities, you did a wonderful job with the sketch (as always). xoxo

  15. I just had to pop over and say thanks for playing along with Sketchabilities as you did your CSI project! Loving all these photos of the twins! My twin grandsons are 3 now .. and still oh so cute! What precious moments!

  16. you rocked this case file .... love love love all of this Val, and the sketch is adorable xoox

  17. An absolutely beautiful page Val!! Such a precious photo and your journaling says it all!! Yes, I can relate too, life was very different back then. Love your take on the sketch and those colours worked beautifully for your 'baby' page. Magic!! ox

  18. Your page is just fabulous Val! Love the colours and your beautiful take on the sketch! Such wonderful journalling too! I also don't have very many photo's of myself pregnant...but luckily from Joe's birth I got better at taking photo'! Taking photo's of myself is not so easy and not the same fun!!!! But it's awesome that these 2 babies will have a granny like you, that will keep their lives documented, in colour, script, photo's and journalled! They are 2 lucky little bunnies! ;-)

  19. A wonderful page, dear!!! Everything is so sweet and soft... I really love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Sketchabilities!!!

  20. I adore your sweet layout and sweet subjects! I am a huge Teresa Collins fan, and I have actually used that same collection for our next reveal, stay tuned :)
    Thanks so much for playing along at Sketchabilities!

  21. Awesome! love the background and photos.
    Thank you for playing with us at Sketchabilities!

  22. Val, how lovely to read all about your reasons for taking and scrapping adorable pics like this one. What a precious moment that will now never be forgotten. Gorgeous LO - love the colours and those sweet glittery butterflies. I agree, another awesome sketch from Karan:)

  23. What a beautiful gift you are collecting for your grandies Val! As has been said by many others, a camera was very expensive and photos only taken on very special occasions. I have 2 photos of myself as a toddler, very precious to me. I am so glad you are scrapping these treasured moments, this is just so adorable! xoxo

  24. How cute!!! The photo is so sweet!! And the whole layout is just lovely!!!

  25. Wow! I love you layout and the color combination!!!
    Thanks for playing with us at sketchabilities!