Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hello Everyone

It's that time of the week again :)  Stunning new case file over at CSI. This week it is also teamed up with a sketch by Em Stafrace.

Don't you just love the colours?

Here is Em's fabulous sketch.

And, here is my take on this case file.

Here is how I cracked the case.

Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - white background, jewels, hearts, arrows, doodling/penwork, 
Testimony - All about me prompt  - I got my favourite comfort food :).

The quote on the front says
Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

My journalling on the back of the layout says:
I hate cooking, seriously, I hate it - it ranks right up there with cleaning toilets. BUT... I do love Mac Cheese it is not only my favourite comfort food it is my favourite food of ALL time. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and so I figured if I love it so much I had better learn the cook the best version of it and I do love to make this dish. In fact I have perfected it. This dish of mine is NOT for the feint hearted though, it is loaded with calories and I mean loaded. I have tried many peoples and places versions of it and over time I have tweaked it until it is perfect for me, and anyone who has ever tried my mac cheese will agree - my MIL would only eat it if I made it so that says something. This is my comfort food - it absolutely triggers my happy side and thinking about cooking it makes me happy and seeing people go back for seconds is the best thing ever for me. There is nothing better than a plate full of hot steaming mac cheese on a cold winters night, or to make you feel better when you are down, this is real food.
It is made with loads of butter and full cream milk. Three cheeses, bacon, onion and mushrooms, tangy and creamy and topped with tomatoes, golden cheese and breadcrumbs... When I dish it up I hear my butt groaning :) "Please step away from that plate" .... hahahahahahah fat chance.
You might be wondering what we had for dinner once I had finished this layout ;)
YEP! Mac Cheese, and enough leftovers for dinner tonight while we watch a movie.

Here are some close ups.

I used a heavy watercolour paper to start because I wanted to use my gelatos. I used the red, the orange and the yellow from top to bottom and misted them so that they would blend a bit and create a watercolour effect and  I used the teal and the turquoise from left to right (most is hidden by the photos). I did some stamping using a stitch stamp and added some washi tape to create the lines. I also stamped a butterfly and a mesh with butterflies.

The arrows, heart and title are chipboard bits that I just painted black. The quote was stamped with black archival in. The paint splats were made with black ink. I doodled around the entire layout.

I used my watercolour neopens to colour in the butterflies in the colours of the palette.

I chose to go with the watercolour and washi to create the lines of the sketch and I used the bold triangles to reinforce the lines and the colours.

I loved this case file and the colours they remind me of sorbet or something. So the food ;)

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are getting up to. I am babysitting again tonight. YAY! I love my yummy time.



  1. Hi Val didnt notice the layout was too busy looking at the food. I love cooking, love food and love mac and cheese. PS did look at the layout it is lovely

  2. Dear Val I will never guest that you hate to cook. You made a happy layout and a fun take on this case. This layout say to me that you love to cook. I love to cook and mac & cheese is one of my favorite but I have not yet master a recepie that I love. Yours sounds lovely and I will love to give it a try. Please email me your recipe. Mac & cheese was my every day collage dinner but out of a box since I was learning how to cook then. Wow this bring out memories.

  3. Now I'm hungry!!!! Loving the soft colours Val...again another great design !!!

  4. I love this!! Look at how pretty you blended your palate. I love the mesh and butterflies. I'm a butterfly freak. A beautiful page made in ode to something simply divine. Now, you do realize if I lived nearby I would just HAVE to come and enjoy some of that luscious mac n cheese with you, yes? Then both our asses can groan "step away from the dish" while we tell it to mind its own damn business! Good stuff woman!


  5. Oh Val...this is soooo beautiful! The watercolor wash, the minimal have certainly honed your artistic skills & expanded your horizons from when I first started following your work. I wanted to congratulate you...I just heard that you have been chosen for the CSI Design Team fab! xox

  6. Yum! Both the page and the food! I'm coming to your house for tea next time you make that!

  7. Wow!! This is absolutely delicious Val and I'm not just talking about the food, although that looks totally yummmmmmm!!!! Gorgeous colour on this page and blended beautifully!!! Love your take on the sketch, and, did I say the food looks yummmmmm???!!!! Looooveee this!!!! ox

  8. Love the delicate background MM Val and your comfort food sounds divine....Something I have not had for years, but I'm going to put this on the menu this week. Coming into Autumn is sounds like the perfect meal for Sunday night in front of the TV :D

  9. Man, your scrapping is amazing! Love the 'sketchiness' of this page...& YUM to the mac cheese, too:):)

  10. love love love this Val, such an arty page. love it x

  11. Love your colour choice and yummmmm I;m hungry now he he. Great take on the sketch Val its a fantastic page the bold triangles make this a fun eye catching creation!

  12. I love, love, love the details in this one Val <3

  13. Such a fun layout, love it! These CSI layouts seem to be popping up all over blog land! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, congratulations on your grandma news! The Boy was born at 30 weeks, now healthy 8 year old - seemed like he was in the special nursery forever, but in hindsight such a small drop of time. Xo

  14. Love this page...the design and elements are just stunning! The colours on the CSI challenge are certainly divine! Love your twist on the's fabulous! Love your theme and your Mac Cheese sounds great...I think I have to taste it though....when can I come over for tasties???!!! LOL.... It's certainly a homley dish and one I enjoy very much too! ;-)

  15. DeLISH page in every way Val - especially love the amazing background you've created and I am SO going to have to make some Mac Cheese now ... not sure it will quite fit with the Slimming World diet though :o)

  16. LOVE every little detail on here Val.... love the stamping, colours, triangles and butterflies.....Gorgeous!!

  17. Your page is as yummy as your mac cheese (it really sounds delish!!) how you've turned the sketch and used triangles again, and the stamping & misting? or is it gelatos?...anyways, whichever it is, it looks brilliant!