Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Hello Everyone

I have been thinking/talking for a while now about doing Project Life - and with the arrival of the twins and the hectic pace at which everyones lives are changing I thought it would be a good way to keep on top of day to day life.

I love the idea of all the pockets but I did not want to buy into all the stuff that has come out for Project Life as I already have so much that I need to start using... I am not sure if I am going to do it week by week or just as I need ... I haven't really worked out all those details yet. 

Anyway I have done two double pages just to test the waters and they are layouts that were taught at a class here by Kathi Chapman... I am pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Here is the first one. I am sorry about the colour - it is so overcast here and I just could not get a better pic even with the editing.

As it was all hearts so I decided to use a few of the photos from Clint and Lin's wedding ceremony in the hospital.

Here are some close-ups

I used a stamp for the quote and have journalled on the little tags behind the photos.

It says...
Clint and Lin - It may not have been the wedding that you dreamed of but it was such a special day and one that will not be forgotten by anyone... The most important thing is... it was what you both wanted. <3

This side of the layout was all 6 x 4 so I used three photos and three little layouts. 

Here you can see how I incorporated the journalling which says
Clint and Lin are getting married, in the hospital, Justice of the Peace, family and a few very close friends. The little Chapel - right outside the labour ward. Such a special day.

I am sure it won't be long before I find my style with Project Life and I will be off. I did enjoy this as it was quick and I didn't have to overthink anything.

Here is my second attempt..

Also another one of Kathi's classes - this one I changed a little to suit my pics and my journalling.

Here are some close ups.

I wanted to use these paper because they are so pretty but they needed a life and so I added a pop of red. These photos of Paige that I took at two months were perfect for the colours.

I have these stamps that I used on the layout to describe her. I painted the letters red then added some glitter and covered it all with diamond glaze. I also did loads of random stitching on this layout.

I did my journalling on one of the cards and it says...
Paige I can't believe it already two months. You are getting so big. You are strong and so alert :) you are taking notice of everything around you.
I love the time that I get to spend with you. I love that you smile at me and are quite happy to sleep in my arms.

I had this beautiful red heart in my stash so I added that to it as well. Another fun and quick layout.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look. I appreciate your visits and the comments that you leave make my day.



  1. Val, I love you PL spreads! The way you have incorporated full page together with the pockets is great!

  2. Veera said just what I was thinking! Absolutely perfect way to incorporate full page and the pockets :) Love this, and hope to see more of your PL. Way to go Val <3

  3. Beautiful Val! PL is so much quicker for lots of photos. I've been doing it for my daughters travels so it's ready when she eventually comes home. I have just left the journal spots for her to complete when she's ready. I'm now onto the second album for them. They'd better come home soon or I'll have to buy another album :/

  4. Your PL looks wonderful, capturing special memories of your gorgeous grandies. The journaling is lovely. Beautiful creating!

  5. Good on you! Nice to see another one fallen for the PL:) And those greens & reds look really great with the's a FUN thing to do, I reckon...& I'm afraid those PL cards start to breed like stamps....with no effort on your part at all....!!!!! And they are soooo cute:):)

  6. The large page with the smaller pockets seems to work well Val and it certainly would be a good way to keep up. Love the stitching on Miss Paige's pockets. I did a class recently with the whole PL thing which drove me nuts....I came home in a fit of high dudgeon and threw it all in the

  7. Woaaaa PL seriously?! But hey, YOU - VAL, woman, just rock big time in whatever you pursue!
    I love the greenies!

  8. Ha, nice to see your project life spread.Looks great!
    I do it the same way, homemade and like a photoalbum. I must say, it is the nicest thing to do. Every size project fits in and also the layouts . Thats why I go on "thin"now. I am totally addicted to PL and for the first time I use all my stash. :)
    You can make nice pages now with the twins!

  9. Gorgeous pages. Love how you combined the pocket pages with the layouts! I do that a lot!!! great colors on both layouts. I especially LOVE the circles!!!

  10. your project life pages are awesome, love the hearts on the one page and the other in sections that match perfectly, fabulous :)

  11. Dear Val!
    I think that you did a beautiful combination of a full layout and pocket projects. I love that you created your own pocket cards. Love the stitching and stamping. I find myself liking this scrapbooking style with hope to scrap lots of photos and used some of my stack. Thank you for the inspiration. Keep on the good ideas!!!!

  12. Looove your take on PL...and absolutely so cool...if I had not got some goodies from BoBunny, I was going to do exactly what you have done and that is use from my stash! Love your little pages and espeically love your second attempt, with the circles and colouring here....this is really so attractive and cute! Can't wait to see more of your PL...and it certainly is a great way to keepsake a particular theme...and it doesn't have to be daily, or even weekly, but regular enough to have a time line that can see the changes and growth.... BUT that's just what I think!!! LOL

  13. Great idea to start a PL project as you are going to have so much to showcase. I love both of your projects as they both have very special "themes" After all it is YOUR life that you are talking about so you can do it anyway you like. Love those little hearts and the green and red and yellow contrast

  14. I sometimes think I need to do this too...but I love the traditional scrapping & not sure I'd have time for both...but I also have sooooo many photos! ahhh the dilema...but I do love your idea of using what you already have, rather than buying the PL stuff. Maybe one day I will be converted. Love what you've done for both pages :)

  15. I love your take on Project Life and that you are using your actual stash for it. Two beautiful spreads. Well done. Everything you do turns out lovely.

  16. Good on you for giving PL a go. I hope it works out for you. If these are just your first pages then you're going to nail it!

  17. Fantastic PL work! Wow you have taken off to a flying start! :D

  18. Lovely job Val. I definitely think pocket pages have a place in memory keeping. I would do them along with my scrapping if I had the time. I may make that my "holiday"scrapbooking as I've taken to traveling with scrappy stuff if we are going local & doing some "just for fun"when we are away. With a Selphy printer it's easy on the go....

  19. This is awesome Val!! I'm not a great fan of PL but I love the way you've combined the full page with the photo pocket page and it would certainly be a great way to showcase lots of photos at the one time. These pics of Paige are adorable, she is soooo cute and I love the colours and the design of your pages. Magical!! ox