Saturday, 7 June 2014


Hello Everyone,

I have the new case file from CSI for this week. You have one week to play along and there is loads of inspiration in the gallery and from the DT.

I used this sketch from Sketchabilities. If you are looking for great sketches you should really check them out, I love working with them. Here is the sketch.

Here is my layout

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - polkadots, flower, leaves, transparent item, crystals, flourishes, textured paper.
Testimony - List prompt - Books List - what are you reading ...

My journalling on the back of the layout says:
I am reading a book Auschwitz - A doctor's eyewitness account by Dr Miklos Nyiszli, and having just come back from a holiday in Poland where one of our trips was a day trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration and Extermination camps it seemed right to read up more about this place and the horrors that took place there. 
The day we visited it was cold and wet and miserable, the wind was howling and it seemed right and fitting somehow. Even though I was dressed in fairly warm clothes I don't think I have ever been so cold and the whole time we were there my thoughts were swinging between how beautiful the place looked on the outside, all warm brick and green grass and trees - which I am sure was not there during the war - and the horrific things that happened there and how they survived in that weather.
 The first thing that struck me was just how big Auschwitz and Birkenau were.. just acres and acres and acres of barracks in long neat rows that just seemed to go on forever. We all know that millions of people were exterminated in these camps, never mind how many people went into them and survived, but really for most of us it is numbers and it is hard to comprehend and when you see how big it is and how the people were housed in the buildings you really begin to understand the magnitude of what happened there. 
The second thing to hit me was the hold that Hitler must have had over the Germans and how he managed to get the whole of Germany to rally behind him.
The final thing that hit me was the resilience of human kind and that even in such dire circumstances the will to live is so strong and it overrides all else.
As I am reading the book I can visualise all the places that he talks about because I was there and that has really brought it all home to me. It was horrific and we must make sure to never let it happen again.

Here are some close-ups

I started off with white watercolour paper which I washed with yellow and turquoise gelatos. I added some splats and some stamping, washi tape, builders tape, gems and flowers.

I used a mask on the background for texture and I also embossed a piece of paper with a woodgrain folder and rubbed a chalk ink over it to further enhance the embossing. I added tags, the die cut leaves and a few flowers.

Here you can see the stencilled background with the splat and the stamping and builders tape.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave a message. I appreciate it.



  1. Gosh, what an experience that must have been...we visited Dachau concentration camp many years ago & it too was just horrific. I love how you've used the brighter colours for such a sad depressing place. I would never have thought such colours would work, but it looks fantastic :)

    1. I also visited Dachau and I am able to compare them. So in OŚWIĘCIM-AUSCHWITZ /Poland we have many memories, things (clothes, toys made from toothbrushes, shoes,and so on) everything is nearly not touched, collected. In Germany, after the II WORLD WAR everything was tidied up, limited to one object, to one building. But all concetration camps are horrific. Anyway,the layout is great

  2. PS. I'm soooo jealous of that leaf die!!!

  3. Delish splats....LOOOVE that colour....sounds like a fascinating time.....not sure I'd want to see it, but I guess it is part of history......initially I thought those ribbons on the tags were actually sign posts...silly me, eh??!!!!

  4. FABULOUS page! And what a fascinating memory, for sure! Thanks for ispire us at SATW!

  5. Hi Val, I like your interpretation of the sketch and the bright colours you used. Have just finished reading "The book thief", another must read book about ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. I agree, we must not let this happen again. :D

  6. bright , beautiful and brilliant !!!!!! fabulous way to solve this case x

  7. Your page is beautiful. I love how the colours compliment the photos. I have a fascination with the Holocaust and the best book I have read is Rena's Promise. She was in the first intake at Auschwitz and she survived the entire war. The will to survive was astonishing.

  8. Absolutely fabulous, Val! Gorgeous colors, yet the stark photos tell the story beautifully because of the way you laid it out. Kudos!

  9. Well Val, the horror of what happened there is such a tough thing to wrap one's mind around. We're talking about millions of people who were just killed like roaches. I can't imagine how it felt there. The haunting silence, yet gazing around and straining to see all those innocent beautiful people who were held captive in that place.

    Your layout is fabulous, you have just taken off in the mixed media part of scrapping. I love how you're using watercolor paper vs pattern paper. So often the beauty of the paper is lost when all the textures and layers are put on it.

    Love it!

    Paula <3

  10. This must have been somewhat difficult for you to put together, Val, although you ended up with a "user friendly" post chronicling a very difficult time in our world's history. Emotional yet beautiful...well done, my friend.

  11. WOw love this so much!!! Thanks for playing along with sketchabilities

  12. Such a gorgeous page Val and the journalling so special. The photo's are amazing and the railway track surely was the beginning and end for many people. Gorgeous design and surely a wonderful document to remember a very special visit and the story behind it! Awesome!

  13. You have created a page with color and vibrancy for a place that was anything but... however to me that speaks of hope and life for those who did survive and for those who didn't, it means they will never be forgotten..Your journalling is thought provoking and meaningful, great take on the challenge and I like your take on the sketch too..

  14. Love the sparkle you put in your splat!

  15. Love the splats! Not sure how I would have interpreted such a grim theme.

  16. This is just awesome Val!! It is a grim theme and you were very brave to tackle it and, I think, you did it beautifully. Lovely vibrant colour to honour both, those who survived the horrors of this place and the spirit of those who perished. May the world never forget what happened there and may it never be repeated. Well done!!! ox