Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hello  Everyone
I have the new CSI case file for you today and this week was a very special one for me. :)

This week I used one of Em Stafraces' sketches from Page Drafts #31 and I chose this one to work with.

Here is my layout.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - The colours are all there.
Evidence - flowers, beads, distressing, pearls, ribbon/bow, frame, punches.
Testimony - Journal Jar Prompt (I wish I were more like..)

The little quote on the front of the layout says:
There is no place like home... except Grandmas.

This whole case file was special for me for many reasons.
The person I wish I was more like is my Grandmother, Oh how I loved her (both my grandparents actually) but Gran was a wonderful grandmother who was loving and kind and an amazing cook, who alse sewed, knitted, crocheted, painted and grew her own vegetables and she always smelled of lavender and cookies. Everytime we went to visit them there was the smell of baking when you opened the door and all sorts of yummy treats to eat. Each one of us kids always got a little pack of crayons, colouring book, plasticine or something that would keep us occupied. The one thing that I remember about my gran who passed away in 1987 was that she was a real lady. She always had her hair done, she only wore dresses that she made herself, stockings and shoes and when she went out she donned a hat (that matched her outfit - also made by herself) and gloves. I have to say at this time that her clothes were always mostly shades of purple. She loved purple and in the house there was lavender, in vases, dried, and in little sachets in the cupboards and drawers. She even had a purple rinse and I used to think that she was the most beautiful grandmother in the world. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone and her and Pops were married for nearly 60 years and I never saw them say a cross word to each other either, they were both so gentle and each of them had a wicked dry sense of humour which I still miss today. Gran never drove and we lived in Malawi at the time, Pops worked on the tea estates, he would come home at lunch time to their main meal which they ate together at the table and then go back to work. On Wednesday afternoons he would take her shopping and on the way home they would stop at the Sherry Highlands hotel for a Brandy and Soda before going home. Gran all dolled up and pops with a tie and jacket and they were this way till they passed away. We always thought that once the first one passed away the other would follow soon but it was not to be Pops dies in 1997 and I am so glad that they got to meet their great grandchildren and although my kids don't remember Gran they remember Pops very fondly.
So now why this layout is so special. June is the month of my Gran's birthday - June 1st and I always find purple flowers to put in my studio for her. Purple was of course her favourite colour and the prompt is something that I have always said... I wish I could be more like her. I know that we will meet again and I can't wait. I love her and I miss her every day, and I am so grateful that I chose her for my grandmother.

Here are some close ups.

I did some gentle splats on the background page, and doodled around the edges of the papers.

I coloured the ribbon with Tim Holtz Distress Stains in purple, green and blue and tied into a bow with purple raffia and added two pins in purple and green. The frame around the photo was created with the purple raffia.

The borders were punched and the title is stickers. The flowers were added last.
I kept the layout pretty and simple just like Gran would have liked.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave a comment. I really do appreciate it.



  1. What special memories. Purple always reminds my of my hubbies Oumie for similar reasons.

  2. Val <3 What a wonderful page, what a wonderful tribute to your gram :D You are amazing!


  3. This sketch, for me, was a bit overwhelming--but you cleverly tamed it and claimed it for your own. I must agree that grandmothers are very special women and role models in our lives as we are going up. You have beautifully documented your relationship with this special lady.

  4. Such a very special is gorgeous, Val. And as always...beautiful journaling about your lovely Gran - loved reading about her and your fond memories :)

    PS. I'm thinking that their wicked dry sense of humour has been passed down to you?!? hehe

  5. So beautiful, your colour scheme is so pretty and your Grandma sounds like a very ,lovely and special lady! You've done an incredibly beautiful tribute page to this wonderful woman and I'm sure she'd be delighted with your achievement!

  6. A beautifully simple page and a heartwarming tribute to your darling Grandmother. I think you are well on the way to being like her with your own little Grand children. Sounds like she was the perfect role model. Lovely work Val. :)

  7. beautiful details on your page, and lovely story , thanks for sharing

  8. Just gorgeous...the whole page, the journaling & the sketch is, in particular, that cluster of flowers....stunner here, my friend:):)

  9. What an amazing and loving tribute to your Grandmother Val. While reading this I thought about my Gran and ended up a little teary, they sound very similar. Love your interpretation of the sketch and your journaling is so heartfelt. Absolutely beautiful page. ox

  10. Beautiful layout made more beautiful by the story. I can see why you love the colour purple. We are so blessed to have had women like your grandmother in our lives, I too had a Granny much like this. Xxx

  11. Your page is beautiful and your words absolutely heart felt. You made me yearn for my days with my grandma.

  12. This is such a beautiful page Val, pretty and traditional, but with a modern twist to it and I so enjoyed your story - I feel the same about my Gran and always liek it when people say I'm like her. Now of course you are a Gran yourself and making lots of happy memories for your little ones :o)

  13. Hello, Val! I saw your incredible work over at Scrap365, and I just had to come and join your blog! Your layouts are fabulous and I really look forward to seeing much more! :o)

  14. what a beautiful page, and an even lovelier story to go along as well! Unlike you, I'm sorry I didn't know my Grandmother as well before she passed on, but I remembered her as a very kind and charitable woman, temper notwithstanding. Thanks for sharing such a sincere memory.

  15. A really beautiful page and a very touching tribute to your Gran.Love all the little touches yoiu have added

  16. Stunning page and a wonderful sentiment too! Your grandmother sounds absolutely super and a true lady of her time! I am sure there is more of her in you, than you know....