Saturday, 30 August 2014


Hello Everyone :)
Today I have the new case file from CSI - so it is time to pick up your forensic kits and start sleuthing :D 

I used this sketch from Sketchabilities, they really have great sketches.

And... here is my take on the sketch and the case file.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - all the colours are there.
Evidence - polkadots, stripes, washi tape, dry embossing, textured paper, metal,  flourishes, (quote).
Testimony - IW - Rain, Sunshine and Effect.

My journalling (on the back of the layouts) says:

I think that rain is my favourite weather but - and there are a few buts. I am talking mainly about our Highveld thunderstorms, where the clouds are black, the thunder rolls and the lightning shoots across the skies and the rain buckets down. Then after a while it all stops and we get the most glorious of rainbows, the clouds disappear and the sun comes out again.
And, I don't even mind the gentle rain that soaks the earth and goes on for a few days and here's the other but, you need to stay inside. There is nothing worse than trying to do something - like sightseeing, shopping or anything else that requires you to be outdoors. NO! You need to be inside looking out. Warm and protected listening to the sound of the raindrops on the roof or against the windows. It is so cleansing and invigorating - and - then of course there is the smell of the rain as it hits the dry, parched earth. I don't think that there is anything to rival that smell. 
My very best thing about rain is the very first thunder storm of the season when it comes and washes everything clean after winter... When the sun comes out afterwards everything glistens like sparkly jewels.
It is coming up to that time and I can't wait, and I don't ever let the sunshine spoil my rain.

Here are a few close ups.

I really loved the quote on the case file and that is exactly how I feel about the rain so I decided to print it out and use it on my layout, I matted it onto cardstock that I had dry embossed with spots for rain drops. The striped tag is just plain paper that was covered with washi tape and then cut into a tag.

I used my sunburst stencil from Tim Holtz together with yellow paint to create the rays. I saw this idea on Adele's layout... she does amazing work and you should really check out her blog it is such fun, and so I copied it :) Thanks Adele :) I think it works perfectly here. I also added some grey watercolour for the dark clouds before the sun comes out :)

I added the little window because that is my favourite place to watch the rain from.

The photos were taken during and after one of our epic late afternoon thunderstorms. I decided to play around with the editing and I created a colour focal point on each of them blending out to black and white. I really like how they turned out... The last photo shows one of the most magnificent rainbows that we get.

Lastly I added the title in a silver just for some bling.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really love to read them and I appreciate every single one of them.

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Friday, 29 August 2014


Hello Everyone :D
I have a post and a tutorial for you today. I had to come up with a tutorial for Let's Scrap and lately I am loving the look of painted titles so that is what I went with. I am not a big one for my own handwriting on my layouts so I have been playing around with some styles to see if I can get over this. :)
Here is the layout I created.
My journalling is the following :D
Your friendship and love,
And all the wonderful things
That they bring into my life,
Are like nothing else
I have ever known.

My heart is complete
With the love we share,
And our love grows more
Beautiful each day.

I love you,
And as long as we are together,
I have everything I need.

You are with me always...
In a smile, a memory, a feeling
Or a moment we share.

You will always be 
My Forever Love

- Uriel Consolo

I want to write it onto the layout (on the front - but for now it is on the back) :)
You can see the tutorial  HERE...
Here are some close ups.

I used water colour paper and stencilled the little blocks using gesso. Once it was dry I added the mists then the book pages and swiped randomly with gesso once again. Once that was all dry I outlined some of the squares. I also drew some lines here and there in black. 

I made splatters with white and black paint and fussy cut the hearts from a template. I also added some bling. Here you can see the title that I painted then also fussy cut I was a bit scared to paint it directly onto the background :) I will get there though - I love this idea.

Lastly I added the flowers and some cotton.

While I was at it I made another little pocket page insert for one of my Project Life layouts.

This means that you will always have the right colour or style title.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it :D

Till next time.


Thursday, 21 August 2014


Hello Everyone :D

Today I have my contribution to the BW2 Challenge which is to follow the criteria on the mood board. 
Use black cardstock background
Use only colours shown (Ice blue and Grey)
Follow our sketch
Use monthly word (Feeling) in your journalling
Use 5% white only

Here is the sketch.

AND... here is my take on the challenge.

 I really love the colours of this months challenge and I knew I had just the right photo for it too.

My journalling (on the back of the layout says):

When I saw this car outside one of the shops in Clarens my heart skipped a beat. It always does when I see old cars. Especially rusty old cars. It always makes me think that there is an exceptional beauty that comes with age. Just like us I suppose. The shiny new models are sleek and beautiful and get all the cat calls and the whistles but as far as I am concerned they are just beautiful shells. 
Now cars like this, with their faded colour and peeling paint, flat tyres and lethargic engines - they have stories to tell, places they have been, people they have carried and things that they have seen, the secrets they have kept and then at the end of it all discarded and left to slowly rot away. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for me that is never truer - ageless beauty will trump youth any day. I have the feeling that I was born into the wrong era, I can see myself driving a car like this in my gorgeous clothes with a handsome man at my side tearing up the town and probably causing tongues to wag. Those were the days!

Here are some close-ups.

I only used one piece of pattern paper which was a left over... black and white stripe the rest is just plain cardstock. I painted the cogs black and added crackle accents. Once they were dry I gave them a rub over with grey metallic paint which went into the cracks.  I added blue and grey flowers. I love that licence plate and I have no idea where I got it but it was perfect.

 I flicked on some grey paint and also used a new roller stamp with some black ink to make the 'tyre' tracks.

I gave the arrow the same treatment as the cogs - you can see the effect here better. The title is chipboard and also some rub on letters. I punched the hearts added diamond glaze and a little bling. I also added a little lace and the film strip chipboard which was just painted grey.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I love to read them and I appreciate every single one of them.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hello Everyone

I found this cool blog called Challenge YOUrself and it is a scrapbooking blog that challenges you to create layouts with you in the photo :) Awesome! How often do you create layouts about yourself, your hopes, your dreams, your fears or your happiness. Not often I am willing to bet.

This months challenge is....

Challenge #9: Celebrate YOUR Age
Scrap your age, right now, today!
{remember to include YOU in the photo}
So I did and here is my layout.

I used these vintage feel papers from Graphic 49 because if I am not a vintage model I am at least a classic :P I have titled it 58 (my age), and I have put all the things that describe me right here and right now around the edge of the layout.

I am comfortable in my own skin. I no longer look outside for validation. Happy. Grandmother to beautiful twins. Mother-in-law. Traveller. Photographer. Blogger. Story-teller. Scrapbooker. Artist. Content. I am no longer a people pleaser. I know that I have made a difference. Young at heart.

My journalling on the back of the layout says.

I think that all of this sums me up pretty well right now. I know how quickly life goes by and I know how quickly things can change and how hard that change can be sometimes. But I have also learned to live in the now and to just be present at all times, this way I will not miss out on anything and I will have no regrets later on. It has been a long road to here and I would not have changed at thing. I am happy to be me and I am happy to be 58. 

Here are some close ups.

I kept this layout clean (unless you count the messy circle) because that is who I am and how I function. I have to have cleanliness and orderliness otherwise.

I used lots of layers because that is also who I am..These colours are perfect for me too and it is not often that I scrap on yellow..I used the cut of of the lady because I think I should have been born into that era.

Lots of flowers which is my love of nature and all things pretty. The little pearls were a subconscious add but pearls happen to be my favourite jewel.

I painted the numbers black and then added crackle paint and after the cracks appeared I gave it a coat of magicals... love the look it gives as it sinks into the cracks. The circle represents how I have embraced my life... shaky at times but I have embraced it.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it.

Till next time. Bye.


Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hello Everyone

I have a layout for the new case file open at CSI. You have one week to play along so pick up your forensic kits and get ready for some serious sleuthing. There is some wonderful inspiration from the DT to get your juices flowing.

I just love the colours - so bright and happy and fun.
Being the second week of the month also means that this week's case file is teamed up with a fabulous sketch from Em Stafrace over at Page Drafts.

This is her sketch.

AND... my layout.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - sun, birds, clouds, circles.
Testimony - journal about something outside.

My journalling (on the back of the layout) says:
I found these two photos while I was tidying up my studio and getting all my photos into one place and in some kind of order. The thing that immediately struck me was how much of you I see in Spencer and when I look at these photos I get a glimpse of what Spence will be like in a couple of years. 
Even at such a young age you showed that you were able to entertain yourself with little more than a bucket and spade and your imagination, a little respite from your constant questions and thirst for knowledge, the insane chatter and story-telling, a time to quiet your mind. Such a good balance for one so young. You played for hours filling your bucket, trying to make a sandcastle but you didn't pack it in hard enough and so when you tipped it up it crumbled. Never once did you get cross or frustrated or throw a tantrum you merely tried again and again. Perfectly comfortable with your own company you played for hours on the beach, swam in the waves and napped under the umbrella. You were such a content little boy, loving and undemanding, and you still are and I wonder if you realise just how much I love you and admire the man and the dad that you are today. I hope that you will encourage the same qualities I see in Spence.

Here are some close ups.

Because the colours were so bold and so vibrant I chose not to do any mixed media on this layout. I wanted it to pop and for the photos to be the focus and I think it does.

The papers are from Echo park and the banner was cut from one of the papers and stuck down. The borders were punched using a Martha Stewart punch.

The sun was made with a circle punch and then I just cut some triangles, the clouds just drawn and cut out and the birds stamped on.

I also stamped the two quoted and the shells were stamped on cardstock, painted and fussy cut. I then clustered them on the gauze with real shells, flowers and the little fish.

The little sayings were cut from the papers and stuck down and the title is stickers.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a message. I really appreciate it :)



Friday, 8 August 2014


Hello Everyone,

I have been playing with Project Life and trying to decide how I want to approach it and do it. 

So here is my first attempts at it.

Sorry about the shine on the pages.. I have to find another way to take photos of the layouts. So I want to do a mix of layouts with pocket pages, I also want to be able to do a bit of mixed media/painting/stamping as well.

Here are some closeups of a couple of the pockets.

(Just seen that the January fell off this one... 21 January 2014 :( )

Here is my second layout.

Managed to cut the glare out on this one.

AND... finally the last one.

Some close ups

The last two pocket pages were done from a class with Cathy Chapman and then adapted to suite me. I kind of know where I want to go with this and these layouts will go into Clint and Lins album.

I am still playing around with ideas as I have soooooo many photos and I really want them in albums. So watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave a message. I really appreciate it.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since my last blog post and I have been enjoying my break from scrapping, especially DT scrapping and I have been playing instead. Here is one of the challenges I took part in.

I belong to a group on FB called 'Can we do that' and Catie Kennedy challenged us to make a layout without any, paint, paste, mists or ANY embellishing of the background page which was to be white or kraft.  You could hear the groans from all around the world to this challenge. :)

At the time I was sorting through my offcuts of papers and trying to decide what to do with them, and in the box were these papers left over from another layout I had done.

Here is what I came up with. 

I love working on a white background so that was an easy choice for me. I also just love these Maja Design papers and I had the perfect photo to go with them.

My journalling on the back of the layout says.

My mother loved sweet peas and I can remember them growing in the garden at the various houses that we lived in and I loved the scent and the pretty colours of them, the delicate petals and the little tendrils that grew off the stems. They are now my favourite flowers too and whenever I see them I am reminded of my mother. I found this photo while I was browsing on Pinterest and I know that if she had ever received this little brown paper bag filled with these beautiful blooms she would have been so happy and so I decided to make this layout for her. Just so that she knows she is never far from my thoughts. The anniversary of her death is just around the corner and still even after thirty two years the pain is as raw as if it was yesterday. There are so many things I wish we had talked about and so many things that I wished I had told her and while I know that she is near it is just not the same. I love and I miss you still mom. xx

Now I love the CAS style of scrapbooking and I am quite comfortable with it but the more I play with mixed media the more I like that to and when I finished this layout I felt that it was so bare ... so I added a little something :D

I added some watercolour and some splatters and then I added gesso to all of the flowers. So what do you think? Which one do you prefer?

Here are some close-ups.

A little banner for some interest.

Some watercolour and some splatters.

Some gesso on all of the flowers and tendrils.

At the bottom too.

I also added this quote to it. The rest is as it was before.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment I really appreciate them all.