Saturday, 30 August 2014


Hello Everyone :)
Today I have the new case file from CSI - so it is time to pick up your forensic kits and start sleuthing :D 

I used this sketch from Sketchabilities, they really have great sketches.

And... here is my take on the sketch and the case file.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - all the colours are there.
Evidence - polkadots, stripes, washi tape, dry embossing, textured paper, metal,  flourishes, (quote).
Testimony - IW - Rain, Sunshine and Effect.

My journalling (on the back of the layouts) says:

I think that rain is my favourite weather but - and there are a few buts. I am talking mainly about our Highveld thunderstorms, where the clouds are black, the thunder rolls and the lightning shoots across the skies and the rain buckets down. Then after a while it all stops and we get the most glorious of rainbows, the clouds disappear and the sun comes out again.
And, I don't even mind the gentle rain that soaks the earth and goes on for a few days and here's the other but, you need to stay inside. There is nothing worse than trying to do something - like sightseeing, shopping or anything else that requires you to be outdoors. NO! You need to be inside looking out. Warm and protected listening to the sound of the raindrops on the roof or against the windows. It is so cleansing and invigorating - and - then of course there is the smell of the rain as it hits the dry, parched earth. I don't think that there is anything to rival that smell. 
My very best thing about rain is the very first thunder storm of the season when it comes and washes everything clean after winter... When the sun comes out afterwards everything glistens like sparkly jewels.
It is coming up to that time and I can't wait, and I don't ever let the sunshine spoil my rain.

Here are a few close ups.

I really loved the quote on the case file and that is exactly how I feel about the rain so I decided to print it out and use it on my layout, I matted it onto cardstock that I had dry embossed with spots for rain drops. The striped tag is just plain paper that was covered with washi tape and then cut into a tag.

I used my sunburst stencil from Tim Holtz together with yellow paint to create the rays. I saw this idea on Adele's layout... she does amazing work and you should really check out her blog it is such fun, and so I copied it :) Thanks Adele :) I think it works perfectly here. I also added some grey watercolour for the dark clouds before the sun comes out :)

I added the little window because that is my favourite place to watch the rain from.

The photos were taken during and after one of our epic late afternoon thunderstorms. I decided to play around with the editing and I created a colour focal point on each of them blending out to black and white. I really like how they turned out... The last photo shows one of the most magnificent rainbows that we get.

Lastly I added the title in a silver just for some bling.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really love to read them and I appreciate every single one of them.

Till next time.


  1. Stunning layout, Val! you've captured the beauty essence of the rain, both with your photos and with your fab journaling. reading it made me feel as if I stood right next to you nearby the window. watching the thundrstorm and listening to the rain :).
    I also love what you did with the sunrays mask and love the design of your page.

  2. Valerie...I love the way you edited your really makes an awesome difference. Your page is beautiful, love the sun burst. Awesome sketch you used.

  3. Stunning page Val!! You've really captured the different aspects of rain with your journaling and the highlighting in your photo is spectacular!! Love that sunburst too!! Fantastic work!! ox

  4. Fantastic photo editing and the sketch worked well with the Case File. Love the sunburst and the little chipboard window too. I'm typing this as the rain pitter patters on my tin roof and it always reminds me of child hood when we watched anxiously for the rain to come, so that the crops would grow. You rocked this case file :D

  5. This is really lovely! I love the sun rays and wonderful photos too, wonderful take on the sketch too!

  6. I really, really LOOOOOOOVE that sunburst! It looks totally fabulous:) And the quote used like that is very spesh.....gorgeous nice to do a non person one for a change, eh???!!!!

  7. Gorgeous page Val...and love the design and sunburst! I love the theme and so agree with your journalling and sentiment! I also can't wait for that first shower to wash away winter and all the dust and googlies! ;-)

  8. Beautiful layout Val! Such pretty tags! Love the rays of sunshine!

  9. How pretty Val & beautifully done. I adore rainy weather too!

  10. Gorgeous page and take on that lovely sketch. Your pictures look great and I just love ot all! ;.-)

  11. Just such a storm as you described just passed through the campground. Jake (my dog) and I headed for the cover of our well-equipped trailer and watched the storm move from west to east and out to see! It was intense, with lots of thunder, lightening, wind and then a bit of flooding. Once the storm passed, the flooding was quick to sink into the really dry ground. Love your photos, Val, as well as you usual wonderful journaling!

  12. Few smells beat the smell of freshly fallen rain . I used to love thunderstorms as well , they remind me of how small I am when such forces of Nature are at work . However i now have a Staffie that is terrified of storms he senses them before they start ! Any way enough about me a wonderful layout again. Love the rainbow and that window looks like the sun is bursting through

  13. This is just the colours, and everything you've done with this one. The photos look so cool with that coloured focal does the yellow starburst :D