Saturday, 20 September 2014


Hello Everyone

Well a long time ago - in June I was asked to play along in a Blog Hop with a Difference by Heather Jacob and also by Helen Wallace and although I was a little intimidated I thought it would be such fun but then the people I asked to join fell through and I didn't do it, and I was really disappointed.
Last week I was asked again by Paula Calvanico and I was determined to try again and I got someone to play along with us you will find the link to her blog at the bottom of this post.


What am I working on right now?

Right now I am working on my Project Life, a new discovery for me and one that is going to become a passion for sure. I love how quick it is...

I am doing this album for Spencer and Paige because I have taken so many photos of them and I need to get the little stories down before I forget.

Here is just one of the pages inside - they are all done except for adding the photos and the stories. I have three more like this ready to be done and what I like about these little ones is that you can use one range throughout - nice continuity :D and you can decide on whether to introduce some mixed media or not.
I am also playing along in quite a few challenges at the moment and I am loving that. Nothing like a little competition to make you push yourself a little. Here is my layout for the SATW challenge.

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

I think what makes my work different from others is that my scrapping is all about the stories. My mother died when I was very young and when I got older I realised that I knew so little about her. What her life was like. How she met my dad. Why she didn't want kids and so much more and there was no-one that could answer the questions for me. I never want my kids to wonder. I want them to know who I am, my likes and dislikes, my hopes and my fears. What made me who I am today and my outlook on life in general. I am all about the stories first.

Why do I create what I do?

I create what I do because it is a multi dimensional platform that allows me to express how I feel, at the same time allowing me artistic freedom to do what I choose without  fear of being told it is wrong. There is no right or wrong way to scrap or to tell a story and I think I have had a very interesting life and I have stories to tell and I have a creative side that needs to be nurtured and fed. I have tried almost all forms of art and craft that there is and scrapbooking is the one that combines my creative need with my need to tell stories. I know that my family loves what I do and what I have to say and it gives me great joy to know that I have made people laugh or cry or nod their heads in agreement or even to shake them in disagreement. It also allows me the opportunity to relive those special moments.

How does my creative process work?

I think as long as I live I will never run out of stories to tell. I am a pathological picture taker too which means that I will also never run out of photos to scrap. Sometimes I start with a photo and sometimes I start with a story and generally I just start and it evolves as I go along. When I have lost my mojo I trawl blogs or pinterest for inspiration or I get a sketch. A very few times I have abandoned a project completely. Sometimes I feel stuck and I set the project aside and do something else and often when I come back to it I can carry on.

How do I become and stay inspired?

I am inspired by the need to tell stories, the artistic side is a little more challenging and I get inspiration from many places. Other scrappers - I have a few go-to favourites, You-tube is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to techniques and I do love to play with them, my design teams also inspire me,  challenges oo - because most of them have a time limit so you can't over think things, nature, magazines and of course Pinterest. My biggest inspiration is my family.

What is my signature style?

I am not sure I have a style yet but if you ask other people they say they can spot one of my layouts anywhere so I guess there is something that is common to all of my layouts. I think I lean more toward Clean and Simple although of late I have been playing a lot with mixed media and I am really enjoying it.

This one is relatively clean and simple in it's design... I know there is splattering.

This one has lots of mixed media on it but the style is still clean I think.

Part of this blog hop is to nominate people to play along and  Cathy van de Bruinhorst agreed to play along to play along with me. Cathy and I have been on the Design Team at Let's Scrap for a long time now, and it was the first DT that I got onto so I have a very special bond there. I love Cathy's style... she is not afraid of colour and always has the cutest photos of her little grandie.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope this gave you a little look into my world.

Till next time.



  1. Oh, I am so glad you got to play with this 'hop' - I've really enjoyed reading about so many different scrappers ideas & styles & it was really interesting reading yours....loved seeing the different pages, too....I dunno....I reckon sometimes I wouldn't always be able to pick your pages. I LOVE how you continually surprise me with what you come up with - it really is varied.....& the PL for the kiddos is looking GOOOOOD!!!!

  2. Not that I needed to get to know you more but you pretty summed it quite well here. The project life, what size album are you using?

    1. Hi Bridgie, I have the big 12 x 12 PL albums and also a couple of smaller maybe 8 x 8 and I love working in both sizes.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this and watching your layous, although I knew most of them already. I also like the idea of the story telling more and more. Project life is my to go to place for that. Great that your family loves what you are doing , applause! My sons dont give a ... And than I always say: one day you are going to be so happy with what I am doing now :) . I never saw your Paris spread and I love it! It also gave me the feeling to do some cleaner pages now and than. And use big photos. It is not modern to use big photos at the moment, but for keepsake purposes it is important. So yes: good idea, I am going to introduce more big photos in my PL books and pages. Have a nice sunday and thanks for sharing this post ! xxx

  4. Love what you did with the PL album and pages. So pretty!! All your other layouts are beautiful, gorgeous and amazing as always! WOW!! You have been busy!!!!! Love the ones of you and your hubby - especially the last one!!!

  5. Val I heart you xoxoxoxo!!! Love getting to know you better. That you are a storyteller is so wonderful. Your family will have what touched you to themselves forever.

    Paula <3

  6. Loved reading this post Val . Although you vary your style, more often than not I can recognise your layouts. I too love scrapping for the memories it brings back to me and have started taking my camera with me when we go out, although I do wish to improve my skills. Love your project life album with the stars and the hearts . I am sure it will be treasured.

  7. What a great post! Your work is just so very beautiful...and yes, I do believe that you have developed a unique style. As you know, I have been following your work for years now, and have really enjoyed watching your evolution... You are a true artist in every sense and such an inspiration in every way. I love you! -Eni

  8. Ah Val, lovely that you found someone to join in and thanks for such an interesting post. Each of your pages has your imprint, even though you are now using MM more. As you know, I'm a huge fan of journalling and I love that it's such a strong element of your pages. It will leave a part of your personality and your heart for your children and Grandchildren - what a precious gift- worth more than rubies. When you share your stories, it encourages others to be brave enough to do the same. Hugs x

  9. A fabulous post Val, so nice to learn more about you and your take on scrapbooking. You know I love your work, whether its clean and simple or mixed media it is always stunning and your grandies are so going to treasure reading all your stories when they are older. Loved reading this post ... truly inspiring!! ox

  10. Thank you for sharing about yourself Val. It's not easy to write about oneself I feel. Your layouts are all stunning. But your stories are the most important. When you grandchildren get older they will appreciate them.
    I'm going to find your friend Cathy's blog too, but not now as it's gone midnight. I'll save that for another day, but I will do it as I find it very interesting to read how other people feel about their art.

  11. Always fun these memes!! Love that you interspersed it with layouts too!!

  12. Always nice to read about why, what and how....LOL...and I am so pleased to say that I know you, that I have met you and that I have shared in your life, creativity, family and friendship, through your blog. I always love popping over here to see what you have shared and created, along with your lovely journalling and's always a special treat! xx