Monday, 8 September 2014


Hello Everyone :D

Well I made it back home from our girls scrappy weekend in one piece after a, we had a wonderful time and the convention was great. Six classes with international teachers and beautiful paper ranges and came home with lots of projects to complete and lots of new goodies to play with ;) and a prize or two :D Not to forget the wonderful goodie bags that we always do for each other. Such spoilings :D

I have the new case file from CSI for you today and my layout for it.
So ... pick up your forensic kits and get ready for some serious sleuthing. You have till Sunday night to play along, and if you haven't done so before I can highly recommend this challenge and I am not at all biased :P

I have to say that I REALLY struggled with these colours this week and I tried this layout three times before I finally got it :D and I love the end result.

I really love this sketch from Stuck Sketches.

Here is what I came up with.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - Wood (stars), damask (stencil), tags, numbers (date), stars, paint(splatters), loops, twine (in flowers)
Testimony -  journal about school. Write a letter. (From my older self to my younger self)

My journalling (on the back of the layouts) says:
You look so young and innocent in these photos proudly wearing your new school uniform ready for your first day at big school, this was to be a huge adventure for you - you were getting so big and grown up. Little did you know what was in store for you - this was to be the worst 12 years of your life and 
I am so sorry that they were such miserable years for you and I wish I had been able to protect from the continual knocks that you would get. The austere teachers meeting out punishment for minor infringements with a whack on the back of the legs or across the palms of your hands with a ruler. Trying so hard to please and never quite making it. Being teased by kids because you always got your homework wrong or weren't good at sport, or music or art.
To all of the teachers who spent years and years telling you you were stupid and that you would never amount to anything, instead of trying to help you which was their job ... Well I say to them - Look at you now. You have created a wonderful life for yourself, you have held down good and responsible and such interesting jobs, where your skills were valued. You have raised a family to be proud of. You have travelled the world, seen amazing things and made wonderful friends. You have friends that find you intelligent and entertaining and that seek out your company and your counsel. You are well read and can hold your own anywhere you go.
Best of all you did not allow them to totally break your spirit. You march to the sound of your own drum and you will not allow people to bring you down. You know your worth and your value and you are completely at ease with yourself and your choices. You do not have any hangups or insecurities and you are not bitter and that is an amazing achievement. You do not wallow in self pity because you got a rough deal you just went ahead and proved them all wrong and for that I am proud of you and I admire you. NEVER let anyone tell you you are stupid or not worthy. You are!

Here are some close-ups

I used my favourite range of papers for this layout Maja Design... the colours were perfect, once I realised I could use just two or three colours as my main ones and little bits of the other colours. The damask was created with a stencil and gesso - watered down paint created the splats. The butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch.

I also used the script stencil - I thought it was perfect for school days.

I love that quote and I try never to forget who I am. I added the flowers and then swiped them all with gesso to make them a little more vintagey.

Thank you so much for stopping by to take a peek and for taking the time to leave me a comment I really appreciate it.

Till next time.



  1. Val, you art made me smile and your journeling made me cry! You got such a raw deal in school, my friend, and, today, in some cases, I wonder if it is any better. Teaching is, indeed, a job, and one is not just expected to teach gifted, perfectly-behaved children. Their job is to teach rebels and those who must struggle, as well. While the gifted may run big business, those rebels and those who struggle will become our warriors and our artists and our musicians and, yes, even teachers! Your art today is a profound statement!

  2. Val, I had a lump in my throats as I read your journal, my heart even torn apart. Some teachers are loving, caring and dedicated but some are plain heartless. Smarts students are praised, poor ones are usually allocated in the very last class just because. Before my eldest went to kindy on her first day at age 5, she asked me, "Mom, what do I do if I don't understand?" I replied, "Ask your teacher." Her respond, "But what if the teacher doesn't know the answer?" In a child's mind teachers are not perfect either. I personally think that all students are gifted in their own ways. I am proud of you Val, so proud of you! {ps: You were such a cute little girl!} Hugs xx

  3. WOW! Val, this page is gorgeous but the thing that makes it more beautiful is the journalling. SO powerful I look at that sweet little girl in the picture and my heart breaks reading how hard school was. Val, if I was your teacher I would never had made you feel that way. As a teacher(even though I am currently not teaching) I look at each student as someone's child. All kids are special, they need to be shown what they are good at and teachers should make students feel good about themselves!!! My heart truly breaks looking at the smile on that darling little girl's face. What a great gift you have been given to realize that even though those years 'were hard, you are proud of the person you are!!!

  4. OOOh this is gorgeous, such lovely details and accents, stunning layers and gesso work too! So glad to see you join us at Stuck?! for our celebration!

  5. You & Helen Wallace must have been channeling each other over this one! And both had pretty awful experiences to share about school:/ BUT both of you have produced stunners of pages! LOVE the softness, almost shabby chic look you've got going here....really pretty:):)

  6. Ah Val, yes we do have so much in common, especially our hideous school days. So, so sad, that those years did not fill our heads with a love of learning and our spirits with self esteem. Quite the opposite in fact. Yet, despite the appalling abuse, we rose above them and made a wonderful life for ourselves. Your page is so beautiful, from the innocent photos, to the crisp design and lovely MM, but you know my favourite bit don't you? Always the journalling. Bravo. :)

  7. Oh the journalling really hit my heart, I am sorry to read about the hardships of your schooling, but look at you now.. This layout is beautiful.. I love the colors and papers you have used and a wonderful design too.. I do hope you have put all those words away never to hurt you again...

  8. it's a beautifully created page Val - a sad letter but from a strong heart - still good that you can record this too. TFS :)

  9. Oh Val...this page is sooooo beautiful. ..and your journaling made me cry. How incredibly cruel teachers and children can be. I am so happy that it didn't give you hang ups. You are a fantastic person. Teachers often get it wrong...I wish I can rub their noses in it xx

  10. As the saying goes... third times the charm! This is just stunning. Love it! Great embellishing and your flower clusters are awesome. Great take on the sketch. Thanks for joining in with us at Stuck?!

  11. Such an amazing take on the sketch. Thanks for playing along with Stuck?!

  12. Oh my goodness Val, this is so beautiful!! Love the soft colours and the stenciling is just perfect. So, so sad that you had such a hard time at school. Found out recently that my grandson is being given a hard time at school too because he is not the perfect student. He's also been told he'll never amount to anything, so not much has changed since your day. There are still people out there teaching who have no right to be in the job. Far as I'm concerned it's not the student who fails, it's the teacher. This is such a stunning page and as always your journaling goes straight to the heart. xx

  13. Oh, Val! my heart goes to the little girl your were! so so sad that your school days were so bad. no child should go throught such experiences. I agree with you - you have so much to be proud of yourself, and above all - that you didn't let them win! I admire you and your brave spirit. WTG for you!
    And of course your page is gorgeous! the Maja Designs papers are perfect (where did you get them from???), and your take on the Stuck?! sketch is fantastic. thank you for playing with us at Stuck?! :).
    Love, love, love your page, especially the heartfelt journaling.

  14. How beautiful & vintagey!! Very Heather Jacobish :)

  15. Wow...the journalling took my breathe away...such a striking page...I am in love with this page, the journalling...everything about this touched my heart....OMG...i love this..XOXO

  16. Read your journalling and the comments, and read again. Some children leave school chipped and marked for life, others break through the asfalt and grow beautiful and strong with blooms in strong vibrant colours. They make people smile, feel warm in their hearts. People like you and Helen W who always find the time to leavekid words for others, to make them feel special. Val, you have grown into a marvellous woman, beautiful and strong, funny and witty, compassionalte and loving. Not only that, you create beauty around you. This is absolutely gorgeous Val, gorgeous in every way. Thank you for being you!! xoxoxox

  17. Such a gorgeous page Val and as Helen said...I can certainly see a little touch of Heathers styling in here! ;-) These papers are super and that photo of you is just too precious...your face really hasn't changed that much at all! It's so crazy that teachers do not see the influence that they have on children...that they can make or break their little spirits. Whether children are good or not at school work...each still has their own strengths and weaknesses and are just "little" people trying to make their way in the world. Their spirits will soar anyway...and yours certainly has and you have grown into the amazing lady you are today!!!!! XX

  18. OMGoodness....your journaling just gave me goosebumps & brought a tear to my eye :(
    When I first saw the photo, I thought it looked very much like you...but then reading the journaling, I thought you were referring to someone else, perhaps your daughter. But then the date on the sweet little tag told me that this has to be you. Gosh, that is so sad & terrible that you were treated this way at school....and especially by the teachers! They should be ashamed of themselves...truly disgusting to treat & belittle a child like that :(((( Anyways, yep, you certainly have proved them wrong....although we have never met IRL, it is obvious to me you are a very special person <3 Good on you for proving them wrong :D :D :D

    Beautiful the soft pretty colours & the beautiful textured background. If only they could see your creativity & your amazing talent for writing now......