Monday, 27 October 2014


Hello Everyone,

I have finished all of my layouts from the Fora Charity Scrap Day organised my Michelle van Wyk a couple of Saturdays ago, who also taught two of the classes and you can see more of her work HERE and the other class was taught by Adri du Preez.

Here is the first layout. This is a LONG post so make yourself comfortable :D

I absolutely love these papers by Graphic 45 and the colours were perfect for my much loved pets... I changed this layout a lot and I never took a pic of the original page so you could see, I thought Mich may have loaded her layouts but not yet. It just seemed to flow better for me this way.

The journalling on this layout says:

These are my special babies. Pixi, who is 11 and the oldest of them all. Then Holly and Butch who are both 6 and are brother and sister and then Karma who is 3. All so different and each with their own personalities. Pixi thinks that she is the puppy police and when the others are play fighting she barks at them as if to say 'stop it' then runs to me to see if I am looking. Holly is the quietest of them all and she just wants to cuddle all the time. Butch is the only boy and he likes to think he rules the roost but really he is just a  big baby. Now Karma is a different kettle of fish altogether. She doesn't give a damn about anything and she marches to the beat of her own drum. She is loud and naughty and the cause of all the trouble in the house but she also happens to be the cutest of them all and she gets away with it.
Then there is my beautiful boy Hansa - he is the biggest of all my babies and he and Karma are best buddies and play together a lot. Sometimes the other dogs get involved and they can get a bit pack-ish but Hansa just sorts them all out. He loves to come cuddle in the middle of the night and becomes very vocal if he is feeling neglected. 
I wouldn't have it any other way :D

Here are some close ups.

The 'love' title was a die cut in the pack and I added glitter to the paw print... a dog has to have some glitter. I added some flowers from my stash too.

The envelope was cut using a template that was included and then I added more flowers and the cat and dog stamps.

We made the matchbooks too and I added the little brad and the floral fronts and stamps. I also added some stars which I diamond glazed.

The second layout by Michelle was this one.

Because it was a this layout I used the photos from Storm and Lloyds engagement. The top photo on the right is actually a tag booklet and I will let Storm do her own journalling inside there. 

I added a little chipboard heart in turquoise some bling to the doily and the quote at the bottom of the page.

I painted the flourish turquoise even though it looks more green in the photo :( and add some glitter to the day..

Some journalling cards were added behind the doily and photo.

This piece of chipboard is not really my scene but I left it on there and added another quote inside instead of a photo and I painted the scrolls and added some perfect pearls to the little flowers. 

The last layout is probably my favourite one and although I changed it a little I am not sure, apart from the photo sizes, that you would notice. I really love Adri's style...

My journalling on the back of the layout says:

Christmas is always a lively affair in our house and Storm just loves all of it. The build up to Christmas, the decorations, the decorated table, the food, baking mince pies and leaving some out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas. We have to play Christmas carols all day and take lots of photos. She checks the presents under the tree every day so that she can see how many she has. On Christmas morning we have to get up EARLY - we make tea and have some mince pies while we open the presents one by one, savouring each one and drawing it out for as long as possible. Then the presents get laid out and photographed. There are group shots, selfies, foodie shots and toasts and all manner of other photos taken throughout the day and I love that she is so into it. I can't wait for this year when the twins are here to enjoy it too I think it will be our best one yet.

For me this is just such a fun layout and these photos of Storm are perfect for it. 
We created an envelope look with some stamping for the left hand side.

The cluster at the top is using some of the papers and the journalling cards plus some stamped tickets and a die cut candy cane. I really love these circle flowers. They are are so easy and they look great. The holly leaves were die cut and the little berries just punched with a hole punch and then diamond glazed.

The title was painted - black for the 'Dear' and red for the 'Santa' and then we added glitter to the red bit. The little christmas hat was a die cut.

We made a little banner out of cardstock that had little shapes cut out.. too cute. I stamped the post card underneath.

I created a similar paper cluster for the bottom and I also added the frame from the title and a little flair button. Adri is making the most amazing flairs now and I am happy that at last we are able to get them in South Africa.

The saying was printed onto kraft and just cut into strips.

More of the circle flowers and a couple of chippie buttons. I added little beads to the centres of my flowers.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave a comment I really do appreciate it.



  1. Ooh, these are wonderful two page layouts! I really liked the first one! Love your style!

  2. Still very impressed by your 2-pager skills! These look so beautiful. I especially love number two with such lovely colours! Well done on making all these beautiful pages! :-)

  3. Oh I'm a sucker for a two pager and here you have three of the best. They really are a wonderful way to capture an event with multiple photos. I enjoyed reading the journalling and would not be able to choose a favourite. Especially love the flairs and the circle flowers :D

  4. Oh you certainly have been having fun...beautiful layouts!

  5. Thanks for sharing these, I have been dying to see them. They all look like fabulous pages and the photos you have chosen for them are superb.

  6. These are gorgeous spreads and I know that you have put your own spin on them too! ;-) Really great designs and papers....and the photo's so super, as always! xx

  7. Wonderful double spreads, Val - looks like you had a great time with them and I love how there are lots of ideas to copy, like the circle flowers and the little cut-out banner, brilliant! :o)

  8. I'm so glad you had a great time & got all those photos scrapped! Can't remember the last time I did a double :/

  9. Hi Val I had a problem posting comments the other day on your blog and I see none of them are showing so hope you get this one. Beautiful layouts with number 3 afirm favourite and the models in number one simply gorgeous

  10. Three awesome 2pagers. I do love the one designed by Adri and would love to one day visit and have a class with her.