Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hello Everyone, 

I have the new case file for you from CSI and it is a cracker of a case this week so, time to pick up your forensic kits and get sleuthing.

Here it is.

As you can see there is a sketch to use as inspiration from the lovely Emma Stafrace. You can find more of her lovely sketches here at Page Drafts.

Here is the sketch.

Here is my layout.

AND... I solved the case by using...

Scheme - all of the colours.
Evidence - mixed media, stripes, penwork, flowers/leaves, circles.
Testimony - document something on your mind.

The quote on the front of the layout says:
Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heard and to give thanks for another day of loving. (Khalil Gibran)

My journalling on the back of the layouts says:
This whole year has been a year of change in our family... good change... and the next year is not looking any different. Now, instead of having babies on my mind I have wedding plans (and babies) to think about.
 I am so happy that Storm and Lloyd have decided to tie the knot. They are just perfect for one another and I know they will be very happy together. The proposal was so touching and I have never seen Storm look so happy and so content.
I didn't have a wedding - we just got married in the garden with only immediate family. A small unpretentious affair with about 15 people. Very low key - no work involved really.
I am not sure I know where to even begin to organise one let especially one my darling daughter will be happy with. I am terrified and excited at the same time, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. They are wanting to get married in March and I keep thinking it's not much time to get it all done - but I do know that we are both methodical and organised and I am looking forward to getting involved in all the planning and executing of this wonderful day. For now I have lists... lists and lists of lists :D

Here are some close-ups

I cut the edge of the paper off before I wrote down whose it was :P Now I can't remember but it was double sided and perfect for the colours this week so I cut it in half and then taped it back together again and mounted it onto black cardstock. I chose to do some mock stitching all around the layout this week. The red and grey flower was cut from a piece of paper in my scrap box.

The heart balloons are chippies that I covered with the dotty paper. I used some gesso and used some of my new Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals... Oh I love those things :D

I wrote the quote by hand... I really DON'T like to see my writing on layouts I always think it spoils them. O layered up some of the papers with a banner, a strip and a punched border. The chippie title was just painted red and left.

The banner was attached to some twine and tucked in. The flowers were added and lastly the bling. An engaged girl has to have some bling. :)

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it.

Till next time.



  1. utterly beautiful ... love that photo and the way you have solved this case is brilliant ... loveeeeeeeeeeeeee x

  2. Beautiful couple and how you had done the page!
    You had been such an inspiration, Val!

  3. You NORTY girl...your handwriting is neat, & cute & it's YOURS & I'm sooo glad to see you using it, even if you don't like it. You MUST do so...the times I've heard peeps say they have no sample of their parents handwriting.....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!! March??? MAN! That is, like, next week, literally. BOY! Just as well she knows what she wants. OOPS! I mean, just as well THEY know what THEY want, LOL!!! And I suspects that's Teresa Collins??? But I don't know it - just has that look about the flowers. LOOOOVE your chippy heart & Balloons...they look fabbo. March? Gee whizz....get cracking on those lists, Val!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh wow Val - you nailed this one! Fabulous! I don't know why you don't like your handwriting - it's the neatest I've seen for a while!

  5. A gorgeous page to celebrate your DD's engagement. Love the red hearts, the red flower and the chippy heart. Perfect for the theme. I had a chuckle at Lizzy's comments. Yes - March is just around the corner, but you are Granny to twins, so you're up for anything! If the babies shower was anything to go by, the wedding will be spectacular. Enjoy every minute of the joyous anticipation. :)

  6. Your handwriting is fab! I love how you solved this case file using boldly the red (I struggled with that a lot). <3

  7. Goodness me Val I just love everything about this page, the red a black against the gorgeous background and all the details like those cute quirky hearts. Love it! I haven't had time to scrap for so long and this has got me itching to have a go :o)

  8. I saw you pint a heart picture from my pinterest and than I came on your wall and saw a WHOLE board dedicated to hearts! So ok, you love hearts :) You made a great layout with that picture from your wow pretty daughter with the twinkling eyes.You have some sort of funny style to mix mediums and still keep it kinda clean. I love that! I did not read the whole story you wrote here. Yeah he.......I have more to do :) :) But I did read about your handwriting and I love it! I also think that with some writing the layouts we make have more meaning some far away day when we are not there anymore. Although we have project life also, but than again...the layouts will end there too. xxx

  9. Just AWESOME Val, such a gorgeous layout & your daughter should be in the "Miss World" contest because she could certainly win it. Such a beautiful girl.

  10. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.. love the photo, love the colors, and love the way you have made the sketch your own..

  11. Wow Val - this is gorgeous! I loved scrolling down your blog, seeing which challenge you were doing and looking forward to the layout. I certainly wasn't disappointed! Fabulous!

  12. I love your is so much neater than mine. Your page is the colours and that beautiful photo too.

  13. I love your layout and your way of using the different challenges that where put together with the sketch! Beatuiful colours and lots of interesting details!

  14. Such a gorgeous page Val and I love the colours you chose...just fabulous! Love that photo of the young lovers and congrats on their engagement! This year has certainly been a BIG one for your family....and it's all so happy and eventful! Love the design too....just an awesome page all round! xx
    PS meant to tell you that I have not found that stencil for you...I keep looking wherver I go and hopefully somebody somewhere has it! xx

  15. Truly gorgeous layout Val! Loooove the look of this and the retro colour scheme. Hubby to be looks like a sweet boy.

  16. Beautiful layout! Love all the embellie groupings!!! Congrats on the engagement!

  17. Gorgeous sketc and your page certainly gives it justice!! Love the little bling accent and the baloon-hearts. So pretty!