Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Hello Everyone

I have a couple of just because projects to show you.

My hubby loves this photo of me at 21 and I had it in our bedroom but the colours were wrong so I decided to give it a makeover. I seriously love these papers and they are perfect for my room. Everyone knows if mom is happy then everyone is happy :D

My journalling on the back of the layout says:

I was 21- modelling, working in the Casino, living on my own and I had just met the man I knew I would marry and make my life with. Life doesn't get much better than this. Little did I know that I would be taken out of my comfort zone and sent to some one horse town that didn't even have a supermarket, never mind other people our own age to mix with. Then back to the city for another posting, and then to another country where we didn't know a soul. I would loose my mother and endure 9 years of fertility treatment almost alone. I would have two children and raise them almost single handed while working a full time job while Simon carved out a career for himself. 
What the hell happened to my rosy outlook on married life with a cute little house and garden, the little white picket fence and the loving husband and well behaved children.
I got it all in the end but there were times when I struggled to get out of bed in the morning and there were days that I don't even begin to remember getting through, and even more days when I just wanted to throw the towel in. I look back amazed that my children turned out the way that they have and I am so proud of them. They say that everything that happens to you moulds you into the person you are today. So who am I today? And what happened to that fresh faced innocent in the photo?  Life - that's what happened and no-one ever promised that it would be easy.
I came through it all and I am outwardly relatively normal but 
 inside I am a mess, I keep everything bottled up, I often find it very hard to articulate how and what I feel. I don't cry, and I am a kind of "put on you big girl panties" girl. I am fairly pragmatic when it comes to most stuff and my outlook is - "it is what it is". I find I still do what needs to be done to get through - no matter what the cost to me. I put everyone else before me and I hardly ever say no. I am a people pleaser and I never learned how to deal with confrontation, I had no life skills to help me cope with anything. I just had to muddle my way through and learn the hard way. I made epic mistakes which have taken their toll. But I am still here and I am still learning and I have hope.
If I could say just one thing to my younger me it would be.
It will be alright in the end. If it is not alright it is not the end.

Here are some close ups.

I really love this Kaiser Craft paper... I still have a little left too :D I put the floral paper through my corrugator to give it some texture. The title is one of the chipboard dies.

The banners were from the die cut sheet too... the flowers are Petaloo.

The next project is a valentines day card that I made for a swap for a Facebook group that I belong too.

I used my heart dies to cut out the hearts and the bling ones are chipboard that I covered with distress glitter for a pop.

I made the card on watercolour paper and used my heart stencil with some texture paste to add some dimension. I then used some watercolour and made some splatters and the sewn lines is a stamp. I finished it off with some bakers twine and string.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment I really appreciate it.

Till next time - Happy Scrapping!



  1. Gorgeous gorgeous dear Val!! Lovely layout and super pretty card too!!

  2. Crikey moses Val ... you and I are cut from the same cloth. Everything you put her resonates with me.
    Divine LO - GORGEOUS photograph.

  3. Oh, how I love your projects! That layout is stunning and the journaling is simply amazing! Hugs!

  4. Your V card is LOVELY.....that cluster of hearts. YUM! As for your! It all supports the photo as the central point so well. Your journaling is way honest. I can't even begin to think like that, let alone articulate it. Good on you:) And there's that glint in your eyes....that excitement at what Life is going to give you. I think we all have that to start with. Before Life gives us what we least expect!! I guess there are exceptions to the rule, but mostly, it's a Learning Curve, is Life. You are soooo pretty - I can see why your DH loves vibrant! Open, warm, friendly.....& I bet you've always been those things. Despite Life;)!!!!

  5. WOW, Val!!! what an absolutely gorgeous page and picture. Loved reading your journalling. Neat to hear your feelings - and sharing is good - which is what you kind of did. You are an amazing and lovely person (then and now). Everything in life is a journey and learning experiences. Love your long term outlook. Beautiful card too!!!

  6. Your layout is gorgeous and your journaling had me with leaky seams...we have a lot in common where it comes to bottling up and muddling through. You were beautiful back then and even more beautiful now xx

  7. This is one of your finest layouts and most candid journaling pieces, my deal friend! I love them both. You have inspired me to take the photo of myself taken at 18 and do the same. Thank you for that! I hope I can be as honest. Oh, is what it is! Mwah!

  8. So very pretty! LOVE the colours and the layers!

  9. I can relate to a lot of things in your story. Often we try to be so ggod and manage everything on our own.Like you I seldom say no and always put other people ahead of me. TYpical for many women I believe ....It's good to let off steam sometimes and remember WE are important!!
    Love your page, -and actually my fist thought when I saw that photo was 'model looks'. xx

  10. A gorgeous layout Val with the beautiful photo front and centre. Love those Kaisercraft papers; a favourite for me too. Your honest journalling strikes a chord with me and I want to say "It's O.K. to have wants and needs of your own" Not so easy to do, if we have always put others first. It's so true the quote "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger". You are a strong and beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing your story here <3

  11. Oh Val, what a beautiful page! Your photo is gorgeous and I can imagine your husband wanted it on the wall. Then, yep, life gets in the way. Your feelings resonate with mine in a lot of ways. That said, I'm not so much a people pleaser anymore. I'm more assertive and can say 'no'.
    I agree with Helen: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings in your heartfelt journaling.

  12. Looove the page Val and it is totally you! Love the vintage feel too....these Kaisercraft papers are perfect! You were/still are such an attractive lady, with the attractive and bubbly personality! The young lady in the photo certainly grew up and certainly had quite a few life lessons to learn...and how could she possibly pass on learnt things, had she not experienced it herself. Your grandies will certainly benefit from all the things you have learned and all the valuable little thoughts and words, you will add to their daily lives!! xx