Saturday, 7 March 2015


Hello Everyone!

It is overcast and a little cooler here today and I am loving it. First of all because of the weather and second of all because we don't have anything planned this weekend. Papa Si wants to build his remote control car so that means I get time to play, some of it me play time and some of it wedding play time but most of all it will be unstressed play time :) Lucky me? I know!

I have my DT layout for CSI to show you.

This week it is such a fun case file so it is time to pick up your forensic kits and get sleuthing.

Here is the sketch by Em Stafrace of The Nifty Pixel - if you are looking for sketches this is the place for you.

Here is my take on the case file.

Here is how I solved the case...

Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence - camera, eye glasses, circles, hearts, distressing, pen work.
Testimony - Selfie - use a selfie and document something about yourself.

My journalling (on the back of the layout) says:

When I look back through almost all of our photos there is one person that is consistently missing. Me! That is because nine and a half times out of ten I am the one taking the photos.  And the other half a percent?  Half of those photos are rubbish because whoever has just snapped a quick one of me, so at least people can see that I was in fact there. So what is the answer? Selfies? I am rubbish at selfies too. I have never got the hang of them and I can't even get a halfway decent one. I see selfies everywhere I look on social media sites so I scoured them to see what made a good selfie or a bad one, and I know that I am way more critical of photos of myself anyway. Young and beautiful always trumps anything else... but what struck me in the ones I did like was MOOD!
 Storm is the selfie queen and she always looks amazing in them and she can get a whole group of 8 or 9 in as well. With her it is easy to see why they are good ones because she is young and gorgeous and she knows how to play for the camera. So even if the shot is by no means perfect the outcome is because you get the vibe of the photo that 'x' factor that makes you get it and love it.
I am NOT comfortable in front of a camera ever and I also realised that the photos of myself I do like are because I didn't know they were being taken so I am relaxed and unaware... as soon as someone says photo time - I tense up and try and smile, make sure my back and shoulders are straight and it always ends up contrived and fake looking.
So now I am on a mission... learn to take selfies. It does feel a bit vain to be taking pics or yourself, and that was something I was always told as a child. Don't be vain! We will see who wins...

Here are some close-ups.

I went with a clean and simple approach again. This is definitely my style. I want to look at my pages and immediately see the photos and the design without having to sift out loads of other stuff. So I went with white cardstock layered onto black. I used strips of black and grey and white at the top and bottom. And created a photo mat of papers in the neutral colours of the palette.

I can't cut my photos into shapes - I have tried it and it just never looks right so I used just one photo and created the line with the punched circles. Much nicer for me. I embossed the title, frame and little camera with black ink and ultra fine black embossing powder. The flowers were used to bring in the red and turquoise and then I added some bling and the pen work around the edges of the layout.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a message. I really appreciate it.

Till next time - Happy Scrapping!



  1. Love your "selfie," Val, and the layout is just perfect. I think sketches are a place to start, and not always a place to end! You are a beautiful photographer!

  2. This page just jumps right out with it's neutral, monochromatic background and the pops of colour. Love the clean lines and white space; something I'm so comfortable with as as a scrapper. I hear you with the journalling. I'm always the photo taker and dislike having mine taking. Funny thing is, when I look back at the times I thought I was too fat, too this and too that, I actually looked young and lovely. Who knew? Have tried taking selfies and am absolutely hopeless at it, for the same reasons you are Val. Can a leopard change it's spots? You lead and I will try to follow!!!

  3. That should have been taken - whoops!

  4. This looks great! Love the clean design, and I am sure most of us are always behind the camera instead of the front! Love the way you have used the sketch with the circle elements!

  5. Val, this is a GORGEOUS page! Love the colors. Such an amazing picture of you and that title is so cool!!!!!!!

  6. I am so with you and Helen re selfies. Have started taking them just to practice looking at myself, so not comfortable doing it eeek! LOVE your CAS page Val, it defo is someting you excel at. Beautiful design! and hey, you look confident and simply smashing in that piccie! mwah!

  7. This is a beautiful page Val! love the colors, the stitching and overall clean design!

  8. Loved ur selfie journaling - feel the same. Have decided a good editing program might be the answer !!! Your CAS rocks- & the circle idea is fab!!!!!

  9. I had doing a Finn class in the UK on my bucket list! Now I get to do it with friends in my own "back yard". It is costing a fair packet, but still under an air fair to the UK and spending money etc. I do like your selfie. I am seldom in photos unless I pay for a photo shoot!

  10. So very pretty Val! Love the pop of colors! Great photo! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Love it!!! So much to see on your layout and, of course, the fab pic of you dear!!! xoxo

  12. GORGEOUS! Love what you've done with the sketch!

  13. Beautiful. Love how clean it is.

  14. Love, love, love this the dramatic colouring and clean design! So fabulous! I am normally behind the lens too and also don't like photo's of myself! ;-)