Monday, 13 June 2016


Hello Everyone!
It has been four months and one day since I last posted anything on my blog. Life has been incredibly busy and for those of you that don't know my third grand daughter, Scarlett, was born one week ago on 6 June and she is just beautiful.
Spencer and Paige continue to grow and thrive and just get cuter by the day.

I have so much love for these littlies of mine. I have also been overseas which was wonderful. I got to go the Amsterdam, my hubby and son were there for work and I was there for play. We also went on to Cologne to Adele live in concert which was truly amazing. Not only does she have a wonderful voice but she is such a character and seems to be so down to earth. 

So all this busyness and also some personal issues have played a part in my not creating at all, anything. However, I am, with the help of a psychologist, reclaiming my life and finding my place again and trying to figure out just where I fit in and enjoying the process. 

I have enrolled in some classes on-line, which I am loving. I have bought myself a couple of adult colouring books which has been great for exploring the different mediums and how they react. I am slowly creating again. At this point in time I want to do PL for my scrapping and I am loving making cards and tags and I have even joined in a couple of challenges. So...... we will see.

After all that I do have some things to share with you. One of the classes I signed up for was Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101, 102 and now 103, and I also decided I am going to play along with his monthly tags - from the very beginning. We will see how that goes. Here are some of my tags using his techniques..

Then I started a PL style album for my daughter documenting her pregnancy. Here is the outside of the album. I will add pics of the inside another day. She wanted grey and white with a touch of pink.. the dragon flies are glittery.

Then I started a recipe book because I am also getting back into cooking and I needed somewhere to store my favourite recipes and this album that I found in my stash was perfect. AND I used my silhouette machine to cut out the cups. I am also trying to master that which is a bit of a challenge but we are getting there.

I grunged up an old spoon and tucked it into the ribbon on the spine.

I had been playing with some card backgrounds too and then made a few cards.

These next two cards are for the Creative Chemistry 103 Week 2 Challenge and I am very happy with both of them.


And... finally this last one I entered into the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.

I have realised that I am a procrastinator to the point of being crippled by fear of what I do not  being ok. Now I am just doing it and I am doing it for myself and no-one else and that has been so liberating.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving me a comment. Although this is for me your encouragement means a lot to me.

Till next time - Happy Creating!



  1. Oh my goodness Val, this is the most amazing post. First of all, your grandies are so very precious. We grandparents know how amazing and wonderful it is to have grandchildren .. there is nothing as heartwarming as having your grandies throw their arms around your shoulders and hearing them say 'I love you Nana (or glan, or gran, or whatever they choose to call us) .. nothing like it in the whole wide world. Second .. all of these creations of yours are absolutely amazing, totally stunning, fabulously gorgeous, so very beautiful and so very you!! I looooveeeee your style!!! Nothing you can make or have ever made could ever 'not be ok'. I knew you were having some problems (know what that's like) but didn't realise it was so bad that you stopped making things altogether. Take my hat off to you for being brave enough to throw it out there and for taking the steps to set it right. We are told there is no right or wrong in crafting but we all need to understand that for ourselves. Kudos to you for taking the bull by the horns and doing it for yourself. That's really what it's all about anyway. Make pretty stuff that makes you happy and, if the rest of the World agrees, that's just a bonus!! In my opinion, you make really pretty stuff and I LOVE IT!!! Now, I just need you to tell me where you got the cutting file for that cute set of cups .. I really, really would like those .. they are soooo cute!! Have a great day and God Bless. hugs xx

  2. Love those 3 little baby faces :-)
    Love the tags and cards too ...... You've inspired me now to dabble in some mixed media!!!! Once my crafting mojo is back - it's been gone for forever too.
    Sending you big hugs and lots of love XXXXXX

  3. It is so good to see you back to blogging and creating. Take your time my friend...and remember that creativity is therapy. I love what you have learned in your Tim Holtz classes...I think I "need" some lessons in using all my Tim Holtz products. I might just get back to blogging day XX

  4. Adorable pictures of your littlies! Love all your cards and tags - they are just gorgoeus! And your trip sounds like it was amazing!

  5. Hi lovely lady, firstly congrats on your new beaut little granddaughter. I'm so glad to see you creating again. I've missed your inspiring creations. Keep sharing your pretty things with us all Val because you really underestimate your talent. Your tags are amazing & the! Sometimes we've got to take a step back, reassess our lives & get back to what really brings us joy xx

  6. It's great to see what you have been up to Valerie! Congrats on your grand baby! How exciting! All the photos are beautiful and so are your projects! What a fun class! Looks like you have had so much fun and learned quite a bit! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  7. Welcome back to the blogosphere Val. I've missed your gorgeous creations, your unique style and your wry sense of humour. Many of us have had a temporary lull in our creativity, for various reasons. Sometimes life gets in the way and your life has been super busy. Wonderful that you've had help to refocus on what your needs are and now see the world with fresh eyes. It's easy and odious for us to diminish our own Art and wonder if it's O.K. Perhaps a legacy from childhood - who knows? However the scrapping world is the poorer without your creativity being shared and I'm so glad you've decided it's time to share. Thank You. Hugs xo

  8. Congrats on the new granddaughter!! Love her name and she is darling!! Fabulous creations too!!

  9. My dear friend, congrats on your beautiful new granddaughter <3 I'm glad to see you creating again, your work is always inspiring! Take care of you, you are a bright light lady {{{hugs}}}


  10. Hi Val! So nice to see your blog post and thanks for sharing your new love a precious grand daughter! She will add to your busy days I am sure. I hope your holiday brings happy memories for you to remember and smile about! And your creating is wonderful good on you for doing courses and a few challenges.. It is for ourselves but lovely to share our creating with others too! Enjoy the rest of this week!

  11. Val, thanks for sharing. I'm praying that our Lord will help you to continue to find your place in life. It can be such a challenge to figure things out as life moves forward and our purpose in life changes. It is so wonderful to see your creativity again. I'm always inspired by your beautiful work. Your grandchildren are so beautiful and are so blessed to have you in their lives. There's something special for a child to have a loving grandmother in their life. ~ Blessings, Tracey

  12. Congrats again on your brand new, beautiful granddaughter ... she is a beauty!! I love our tags! Keep on doing what you love to do!!

  13. Yaaaaay! You're back with a BANG!!! Sooooo glad to see you both creating and sharing your creations..... The class ones.... Like WOW! They are awesome - almost as awesome as your cute grand babies!!!!!! Soooo glad you're getting on top of stuff. You go, girl!!!!

  14. Hey Val, good to see you back and with a POW!! Love your Creative Chemistry pieces, I bet you will learn loads from Tim, I'm a big fan of his!
    If you ever have time (!!), you should check out Life Book as well, it's been a such a great experience for me and as well as all the mixed media lessons, it includes meditative/spiritual/personal growth type exercises you can do as part of the cretive process if you want to (or ignore if you don't have the imte/inclination).
    Pocket page style scrapping sounds like a plan if you have limited time - I've been meaning to do the same, even got all the pockets ready, but still haven't got around to it ... so many ideas so little time eh?!
    The main thing we all should remember is that it's meant to be fun - do what you love right now :o) xxx

  15. Hey girlfriend....I follow your movements on FB and this year has certainly been a whirlwind one for you! But it's all good and I am so happy to see little Scarlett...she is just precious!
    Looking at all your beautiful projects....I can certainly see that you are enjoying and having fun creating and I love them all. That in itself is creative therapy and beautiful therapy at that! I really love that recipe book...and the spoon is so clever and gorgeous!
    You procrastinate...I would never have thought it!!!
    You being talented and creative...I have never thought anything different!!!
    You an amazing and lovely lady....Absolutely!!!!
    So glad to see you back on the bloggy!!!! xxxx

  16. Beautiful creations Val, you are so talented and I adore your grand bambinos.
    {ATG with a CREATE WITH TLC Element}
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}