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Hello Everyone!

This is a looooong post so maybe you want to grab a cup of tea and get your glasses :D

I have been doing loads of online classes and my favourite ones so far are the ones I have done of Shimelle Laine's - at long last I have found a style that feels right for me and I am scrapping like I haven't in a very long while, which is a good thing. What I love about them is that she shares her thought process and that is what has helped me... I have changed the way I look at scrapping, how I decide what I am going to scrap as well and what and why.

One of the classes that I am doing of hers is 'Cover to Cover' where she lays out how to make your albums read like a book to engage the person looking at it, what works for her in terms of how she achieves that. Makes so much sense to me, but it wont work for me as I have over 50 albums and 15 years of layouts to re-sort  - so I had to do a little tweaking but I think I can make it work in a better way than it is right now. 

At the moment my albums are done following an idea from one of the early scrappers - and I kind of think it may be Ali Edwards and my albums are done as one for each member of the family, one for Christmas, one for holidays, one for things we do, one for places we go, friends, pets and so on... Shimelle does hers chronologically and each year has its own albums. If there is a big event that needs more than one page then you can have an offshoot album... anyway I decided that the easiest one to start with would be my travel album. Now I keep pretty good records, all my photos are stored on my computer by year and event. All ephemera, notes or anything else is stored in an envelope that has the same ID as the corresponding computer file and is stored in a box - well boxes actually - efficient right? So if I want to scrap my Mauritius photos I go to the computer file and decide what photos I want to scrap then I go to the box and decide if there is anything in there that I want to add to my layout.

So here goes with all of the early layouts that I never did for my travel album, There will be a single, double or project life style layout for each and every trip that we have ever done... AND... the bonus is that all of these layouts have been made using my stash... I want to bash my stash this year :D

There is long journalling on this layout and it says...

Our first trip overseas was to lovely Mauritius in 1998. It looked so beautiful, white beaches, blue seas, sunshine and wonderful hotels. So very different from home - or was it? I had built up this idea in my head that it would be picture perfect, a paradise.
We arrived at the airport and found our transport to the hotel, the roads for the most part were awful just like back home. There was so much poverty - we drove through large areas of shacks - just like home. I remember thinking... This wasn't on the postcards... What the hell have we done?
I was so not prepared for all of this, I just wanted the picture postcard stuff. No internet for us back then, all we had to go on was the brochures. Picture perfect they were. Our hotel was lovely - the beaches were pebbles and you had to wear shoes to go and swim - WHAT? The weather was less than perfect and not as hot as I hoped - I don't think I swam more than once.
We went into 'town' it was more like a market with muddy water running through the stalls - and - they wanted us to eat there. I was horrified. I felt like I never wanted to travel again. I had this idea in my head of what it would be like and it fell short. If this was travel you can keep it.

I used up papers from my stash and kept to the blue greens with a pop of red. I used a circle chippie for my title and a couple of shells.

It really did take me a while before I would travel again and this time we went to the Far East... talk about a polar opposites. 

Singapore was our first stop.

My journalling on this layout says...

Our next overseas trip was to the Far East, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. So completely different to anything that we knew or were comfortable with. I vowed to go with no expectations at all - just to enjoy the ride, and that is what I did. I loved every minute. Singapore was our first stop and nothing like anywhere I had been. The roads were wide and in good repair, cars looked so well cared for. Everything was so clean and orderly. Shops were just mind blowing and we ate such nice food too. Spicy - just like I like it, we had the obligatory Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel, we saw Singapore by day and night, went to the aquarium, had tea with the chimps at the zoo and saw all the amazing orchids. Spent a day wandering around Sentosa and we loved it there. I would love to go back again soon.

Here are some close-ups of my layout.

I painted the chipboard title black and highlighted it with a white gel pen. The papers that I used are from the new Celebr8 collection.

I did some stenciling on this one and mixed in a little Victorian Velvet distress paint with the texture paste to get the same colour pink as in the paper. I loved the hibiscus stencil it is so pretty.

The cluster consists of the cut apart sheet a stamped ticket and a blackboard label with a chippie arrow.

Next stop Bangkok.

This layout was made using very old papers from MME So Sophie collection I think :D

The journalling on this layout says...

Visiting Bangkok was an assault on the senses, sights, sounds, smells and the sheer number of people there. We stayed in a stunning hotel called the Indra Regent - right across the road from one of the biggest markets I have ever seen. So many bargains.

I loved all the beautiful temples there. So much marble, so much gold. 'Wat Benchamabophit'

On the back my journalling says...

I absolutely loved everything about Thailand. From the fact that right next to the Kings Palace with all its grandeur you would have shacks and poverty just like Africa , where we have suburbs that are lower, middle or higher income - here everything is mixed up and no one seems to mind. The people are so gentle and accommodating and so friendly - nothing is too much trouble for them. The boy-girls blew my mind and the huge numbers of them even more so. The food is just to die for and I tried so many different and new things - me who was always so particular about what I ate and how it was prepared. I even managed to eat off the carts on the streets. A big step for me from Mauritius where I wanted to disinfect everything I came into contact with. I loved the buzz of this place and can't wait to get back here.

Here are some close ups.

I cut up the back of one of the papers to get the journalling blocks. The flowers are made from the papers cut into circles and I folded a real flower under it all.

I used some glittery washi tape and a couple of stamps too.

Had such fun with this layout.

I haven't finished this trip but I jumped to our next trip just because I can.

England :D London in fact.

This layout holds very special memories for me as we met up with my Aunt (who is no longer with us) and her hubby (my favourite travel companion).

My journalling on this one says...

I loved London. So fast and vibrant and what amazed me was if you just stood and closed your eyes and listened you would not know where you were. Such a diverse city. So cosmopolitan. I will be back.

On the back of the layout my journalling says...

The thing that amazed me about London was that is buzzed 24/7, how safe everyone said it was and how everything worked just like it was supposed to,you don't need a car there they have the most amazing transport system. Nothing like back home where everything is so far apart and there is no transport system unless you want to risk your life in an un-roadworthy taxi most likely driven by an un-licenced driver. I loved that we could walk everywhere at any time and the pubs.... the pubs were wonderful. Then there was Oxford Road, Nottinghill and Covent Gardens not to mention all the touristy must do's. Oh yes I loved London. Having said all of that this was the place where I had my bag snatched. This safe city that was supposed to be safer than South Africa, which is riddled with crime... and, I was in a pub with my bag between my feet under the table. WTF!

Here are some closeups.

I used these papers from my stash by fab scraps and they just happened to be blue, red, white and grey and have the word Britain on them... Perfect! I used a border punch, some lace tape and a few other little embellishments. Love that this one is CAS. 

The title is glitter thickers.

The white circle paper is an embossed 12 x 12 sheet that I fussy cut to reinforce the circle theme I had on this layout and the little journalling card is from my stash. Love that it had a crown on it.

Deep Breath - and lastly, another one out of sequence. Our 25th Anniversary to Maputo in Mozambique for the weekend in 2002.

This was really around the time I started scrapping and I kept all the tickets and stubs from our trip and I thought it would be fun to incorporate them on this layout. Even now looking at it and the cost of things back then :D

My journalling on the layout says...

We had heard that Maputo was lovely and people went there for the seafood, so we decided to go for our 25th anniversary weekend on 26 November, 2002. We stayed at the Polana Hotel which was gorgeous and so colonial. Did a tour of the city and ate the most delicious seafood.

My journalling on the back says...

This is my Africa. Noisy, crowded, poor, run down and still beautiful all at the same time. The food was lovely and the people so friendly. We did a tour of the city which didn't take too long but we managed to spend a while at Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora de Conceicao the Portuguese Fortress where we got to hear all about their history. Later that evening we found the much talked about seafood restaurant and ate there and yes the food was outstanding. On the beach front too - a pity that the water was so polluted we couldn't swim. All in all a lovely chilled weekend in very pleasant surroundings. This is a place I will come back to.

Here are some close-ups.

Because I had so much ephemera I used a Tim Holtz glassine bag, which I cut a notch into, this was then layered onto the left hand side of the layout. The flowers were fussy cut from the paper.

I kind of repeated the layering up on this side too with a few bits a pieces from my stash.

The photos were of the hotel and the fortress and the CBD. So different to Europe :D but there is just something about Africa that never lets you go.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it.

Till next time - Happy Scrapping!


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